Enough is Enough

We know this is a difficult time for each of you. We have been there. Completely demoralized and in shock by the treatment we received from the pastor that married us, who dedicated our girls to the Lord, and that we proudly served the Lord with.

For nearly 7 years we gave everything – our time, our money and our service.

And yet one poorly managed incident, that I simply questioned leadership about, ended it all.

That was 2004.

Seven years later it has only gotten worse and the list of good people hurt has only gotten longer. I could name them all but I won’t to protect the innocent…

Stop the hurt, stop the lies, stop the madness and stand up for yourselves, YOUR church and your calling as a body.

Pastors are not called to control, run-over and demean their flock. They are called to serve, love, lead and protect. He does none of those.

Sure you can pray – but as we have done….from a distance and from somewhere new.

We are praying for each of you and love you all. Our hearts are broken to hear about the rudeness, decit, lack of grace, unkindness, and pain one man has caused many of you. He himself needs to be removed and escorted off the property like he has done to so many. There is one of him and almost 5,000 of you.

If you feel called to stay – open your eyes. See the truth and expose the evil going on. It’s your church, not his….and it can be saved.

Just be careful trying.



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