Meet Charlie…

Saturday was a new day for the family as we introduced “Charlie” into our lives, as our newest member.

Our 10 year old boxer, Sam died suddenly just a few weeks ago, and we were all heartbroken. Boxers are just the most amazing dog in the world with families and Sam was even more unique and special.

But if dogs could speak, we know Sam would want his “spirit” in our home to continue through another. And, I think we have found the perfect next one.

I found this lady with one boy pup left near Denton. He was fully registered, which to me is important, and she was willing to give us a great deal on his adoption fees after I told her our recent loss. The kids had already decided our next dog would be called “Charlie” and so we had to find out if this dog was in fact a “Charlie” or not.

He sure is.

Funny thing is, once we got to this breeder’s home, we learned that the dad dog was named “Charlie” too! The kids were excited.

We can already tell Charlie is gonna fit right in. He loves his new older brother Max (and Max has taken to him well being old and blind and all) and Charlie just has a great, loving, playful personality. The kids are beyond excited, and honestly, Julie and I are too.

Someone told me the only way to get over your first boxer, is to have another.

We will never “get over” Sam. He was so, so special and will always be missed, but it is neat to see the boxer spirit he gave this home already continue in this new little guy!

God, thank you for dogs, and thanks even more for boxers!

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