Ten Years Later

Most of us know exactly where we were when the events of 9/11 unfolded. I was standing in my room getting ready when I just happened to turn on the ABC morning news. I watched the 2nd plane hit the other tower live. I will never forget my heart stopping in that moment.

A few minutes later I stood with my other co-workers and my business partner watching a small TV I grabbed. In total silence.

Then the towers fell.

And our world changed forever.

Julie and I sat and balled our eyes out later that week as we watched the CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, located on the top floors of one of the towers, talk about ALL of their 658 employees that day. All of them. He lived only because he was taking his son to nursery.

As we remember the horror of that day, we to need to recall the heroism we all witnessed. Many gave their lives in attempts to save others. They acted fearless in the face of an act of evil none could express. I am still amazed when I hear their stories. As one, America stood strong, even if only for a moment.

Sadly, terrorism is still alive and well. The war will never be won. All we can do is guard, protect and stand up to it.

But today, on the 10th anniversary of that horrible day in NYC, in DC and in a field of PA, I’m thankful as I was on that day to be an American.

9/11 was our generations “pearl harbor”. It was so sad. It was so painful. It was so wrong. But 10 years later, we remain renewed and stronger in some ways.

The terrorist that performed “ji-had” on us that day must have been surprised when their 70 virgins were nowhere to be found as they stepped into hell instead of paradise.

They are now dead and gone, yet but America remains.

Take that.