For All You Rangers Fans…

It’s not as bad as it feels.

No doubt about it. The Rangers blew it in the 2011 World Series. If our pitching would have been just 20% better we win that series in 5 games. Then the gut wrencher in game 6. Ugh. I’m still ticked. Most teams would never recover.

But our Rangers will.

Two other teams have gone to back-to-back World Series and lost them only to eventually win a world championship – the Dodgers and the Braves. Both created legacies of winning and baseball fans now give them their respect.

The Rangers are in the process of doing the same and here’s why we should all be excited about the future.

– All key players will return
– West division opponents are getting older and not better
– Experience has been gained like no other
– Executives like Nolan and Daniels – enough said
– Coach Washington – again enough said
– Players are very young
– Farm system is ranked near the top in all positions
– BIG MONEY is coming in 2014 with FSSW contract which means Nolan can spend big now and he will
– Fan base is very strong
– God is a Rangers fan

Essentially, we probably got to the World Series a year or two too early. That being said, we had lots of intense, stressful but fun baseball in all of October. Most other fans didn’t!

I’m still in shock by how it all came crashing down. But, hearing all of the above over the radio this week made me feel a ton better. We are building a winning franchise. A team that will likely be in the playoffs many more times and will certainly have a chance to get the ring we gave away in 2011.

Spring training starts in February. Antlers up.

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