A Cowboys Ticket Holder Resigns

(sent to a Cowboys season ticket official from a ticket holder and fan)

I am greatly troubled at yet another poor season. As you know, I made it clear earlier this year that this was what I was afraid of and I predicted this was what we would get despite all of the hype Mr. Jones was giving us about the new Garrett regime but in the end I bought his spin as I have for years. I could send you a letter that was pages long, but knowing it would likely be a waste of my time, I will spare you my thoughts in detail.

However, I will say this, the Dallas Cowboys are a terrible 120-120 over the last 240 games. We have had just 5 seasons of 10 or more wins, only a handful of playoff appearances and only ONE playoff win since 1996. That’s 15 years of mediocre product. I no longer have any desire to pay for above priced tickets, outrageous parking and over priced concessions to get in return an average or below average product. Mr. Jones has made horrible business decisions these last 15 years as the GM and this is one fan that is tired of paying for it.

We have been a season ticket holder or suite renter since 2004, but 2011 will be our last year. I will not be paying for our seats in 2012. So before I am insulted with an invoice for 2012, just days after watching this terrible season come to an end, please make a note on my account that my tickets are available to someone else that wants to give Mr. Jones their money.

This is nothing personal of course, but I am not paying for Mr. Jones’ terrible product anymore.