Quinn’s Forever Family Week…

Thought life was an adventure? Try having a family! Then adopt a child! Now THAT is truly an adventure and for us, our ride kicked into a new gear when we traveled to Korea to bring our son, Quinn, home in 2008.

This week we celebrate Quinn’s “Forever Family Day” aka “Gotcha Day” to some though we don’t like that term. It is the week in which we met him and he officially became a part of our family, forever. What an amazing journey and story it was and still is! From the first time we discussed the idea of adoption, to the day we landed back home with him in our arms, was one of the most amazing times in our lives.

Quinn was known by those who cared for him in Korea as “Mr. Smiley”. He still is. He lights up a room with his Santa-like twinkle and his happiness is contageous. What an amazing example of the light of God in a dark, dark day.

Here in 2012, it is hard to believe how fast it is all going. He is now nearly 5 and his twin sisters are 6 and headed into first grade in just a few months. Life needs to slow down.

Adoption is one of the greatest gifts you can not only do for a child in need of a family, but it is one of the greatest events you can give yourself.

Quinn has a forever family and we have a forever Quinn.

Embrace, life is an adventure!

Thank you Lord for Quinny, our little pooh.