An Election Education

It’s election time and last night was our first taste of teaching about the election to the girls. They came home asking about who to vote for. They were having their own little election at school and truly believed they were about to decide this thing. The stress and pressure on their faces was funny. They truly didn’t know what to do.

Obama or Romney..

After a quick lesson on taking a stand for God’s values, they seemed to both lean towards Romney. Sidney was distraught and Chloe just likes Obama she said. It was cute.

We had to couch the election in terms of spiritual issues since trying to explain political issues even confuses us adults at times. Can you imagine….girls let’s talk about capital gains taxes and the Bush tax cuts. How about Obamacare…

So we explained that both are nice men, but that as Christians we have to vote for the person that will protect babies and loves God and goes to church all the time like we do. Well, as you can imagine that lead to “does Obama hurt babies?”

Not an easy discussion, but we had to be honest. We told them some people are allowed to hurt babies and we can’t vote for them because God wants us to protect babies but that they could vote for whoever they felt like they should vote for. 

They came home from school today and told us they both voted for Romney.


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