I Love Being a Part of the Process!

Sports get me excited. But few things get me wind up like the US Election cycle every 4 years. It is truly amazing to watch our country go through this incredible 250+ year old system. Yea, it has its flaws but still. Tell me where it is better.

After all the pundits, polls, talk shows, and ads, it comes down to the vote.

Last night God allowed me to be a part of the process in a very unique way. He called me to lead a prayer rally for America called 600seconds on election eve. We did so 100s of people all over America joined in the live conference call. I hosted the event and walked everyone through about 700 seconds of prayer for the country covering a few topics I knew were close to God’s heart. My kids even listened in which was neat too.

I just love America. I live in Texas where it is always conservative in voting so I wanted to do more and this is what He called me to do. It was easy since He laid it all out for me and all I had to do was follow.

Now we can sit and watch what He does.

I believe by the end of the day we will see Mitt Romney as our new President.


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