Alfred Time at School

Since the girls were born Alfred has been a part of our lives. Alfred lives in our coat closet. On the top shelf. He does sleep allot but when he comes out he is usually quite comical in his old age.

Over the last few weeks the girls asked me to bring Alfred to school for a little story time. He obliged and I agreed to drive so it was a deal. Both Sidney and Chloe were ecstatic. I couldn’t believe Alfred went for it either. What was he going to talk about or say?

Well, in both classes the kids were all giddy with excitement. The girls had told most of them about their little Alfred and how all of these years he had been a part of their life. The kids freaked out about his funny eyes, the story about him riding his motorcycle and bike and they all lost it when his glasses flew off.

Alfred’s probably down for a long winters nap at this point after those two visits. Next up will be a visit to Quinn’s class which will be interesting. He’ll have to prepare himself for that one.

One day I know Alfred won’t come out of his closet much and the kids will probably just laugh at the idea and say “oh dad….that’s silly.”

But I love Alfred. And always will.

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