Life as We Know It is About to Change

We no longer have a moral compass.

Essentially the SCOTUS ruled yesterday that the Federal Govt cannot pass laws that have their basis on the moral values of the day. Get ready….this will open the flood gates of issues being brought to them – polygamy, drug use, prostitution, pedophilia – it’s all coming. Remember this post when your brain is about to explode in the future when you watch this happen…

Our nation was founded on the basis that the Bible was our moral guide: no murder, no lying, no stealing, no homosexuality, no cheating on your wife, etc – you know – basics. Well, those days are certainly long gone. Without a moral compass hell will now rule.

Growing up in Christian home I was taught all my life what the end times would like – and I am staring it in the face.

Regardless of whether you believe or not, it only makes common sense to protect us from each other that we would have some moral guide else chaos ensue. Ripping that foundation from the fabric of our nation is gonna bring on the freak show of the century. They are likely already lining up at attorney doorways all over the nation even as I write this.

God help us all and let me suggest this:

You don’t have to believe in God to be wrong. Get yourself right with Him immediately.


1st Annual 80s Bash a Blast

We love to have parties at our home. We love our friends. Most of the time worlds collide because we have people from all walks of life that we are friends with all over the Metroplex and even farther. Friends from college, parents of our kids friends, business, and various churches including our own. Such a great group of people. Julie and I chose a house plan that would accommodate parties. We dreamed it would be a place of fun and fellowship and 10 years later it certainly has been. From the summer bashes, to Cowboys parties during the fall it is our way of giving back.

Friday night was another new tradition – the annual 80s karaoke costume party. Guests include MC Hammer, Madonna x2, Rob Smith of The Cure, George Michael, Professor from Back to the Future, Goonies, Mr T, a Ghostbuster, and many more. What a blast. The night was full of some horrible singing and dancing for sure, but it was a great time.

It’s hard to believe now many great songs there were in the 80s. We didn’t even touch 5% of the hits. I can’t believe we are all old enough to consider them “classics”. Wow.

Next year it should be even bigger and better. I already have my character figured out…

Friend’s Death a Reminder of Life

Last Sunday, Father’s Day, a college friend of mine was killed by a reckless, teen driver that may have been loaded up on alcohol. Brian Jennings was a dedicated Christian, youth pastor, husband and father of three. He is gone forever, but his legacy and spirit live on and God will use this event more and more each day.

At his funeral I was reminded of a few things:

1. Life is way to delicate to hide behind social media and email rather than actually taking the time to spend with dear friends. Sadly it took a tragedy for some of us to actually see other. This has to change – in honor of BJs death.

2. God calls us all to a purpose and we only get one life to live – so live it. Stop messing around and make each day count.

3. As Dr. Rainey said, on the freeway of faith there are exits we can take at any time. Too tired? Take the next exit and quit if you want. But BJ reminded us through hard times, we can’t give up. We must seek to find God’s plan for our lives and live every day like it is our last.

4. Our world is getting crazier by the day. How does a 16 year old have TWO PRIORS for DWI???!! Love those close to you and hug them daily.

BJ, we love you my friend and know you are doing some Hammer Time right now. Hold us a seat and enjoy the show. We all who believe will join you in the blink of an eye!

For more about the accident you can read here:

posted Brady Speers

Summer 2013 – Fun Times and PreK Over

Quinn finished PreK last week. We now have no kids in PreK. After 4 years of taking kids down to RidgeKids each week, this stage in life is over. The girls wrapped up 1st grade, which is always a milestone in my mind and now head to 2nd grade. They both got reading awards last week in their little ceremony. Sidney was #2 in the entire 1st grade and Chloe was #1 in her class. All three of our kids are smart as heck and love school.

It also means the end to the “Who’s Gonna Win” game between Chloe and Sidney each morning in my car as I took them to school. I am sure we can create something else fun for the 30 second drive for all three of them as Quinn will join the gang at Smith Elementary.

We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer. Lot’s of simple things planned along with a few family getaways. We plan to head to Galveston for our annual beach bash and make a trip out to San Diego later this summer. In between we have VBS, Korea Camp in Tulsa, Six Flags, Hawaiian Falls, grandparents visits, parties and big birthdays as Quinn will turn 6 and the girls will be 8.

Time is flying, but we are hanging on and enjoying every second of it.

Life is Good and so is God.

– Brady