Summer 2013 – Fun Times and PreK Over

Quinn finished PreK last week. We now have no kids in PreK. After 4 years of taking kids down to RidgeKids each week, this stage in life is over. The girls wrapped up 1st grade, which is always a milestone in my mind and now head to 2nd grade. They both got reading awards last week in their little ceremony. Sidney was #2 in the entire 1st grade and Chloe was #1 in her class. All three of our kids are smart as heck and love school.

It also means the end to the “Who’s Gonna Win” game between Chloe and Sidney each morning in my car as I took them to school. I am sure we can create something else fun for the 30 second drive for all three of them as Quinn will join the gang at Smith Elementary.

We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer. Lot’s of simple things planned along with a few family getaways. We plan to head to Galveston for our annual beach bash and make a trip out to San Diego later this summer. In between we have VBS, Korea Camp in Tulsa, Six Flags, Hawaiian Falls, grandparents visits, parties and big birthdays as Quinn will turn 6 and the girls will be 8.

Time is flying, but we are hanging on and enjoying every second of it.

Life is Good and so is God.

– Brady

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