Friend’s Death a Reminder of Life

Last Sunday, Father’s Day, a college friend of mine was killed by a reckless, teen driver that may have been loaded up on alcohol. Brian Jennings was a dedicated Christian, youth pastor, husband and father of three. He is gone forever, but his legacy and spirit live on and God will use this event more and more each day.

At his funeral I was reminded of a few things:

1. Life is way to delicate to hide behind social media and email rather than actually taking the time to spend with dear friends. Sadly it took a tragedy for some of us to actually see other. This has to change – in honor of BJs death.

2. God calls us all to a purpose and we only get one life to live – so live it. Stop messing around and make each day count.

3. As Dr. Rainey said, on the freeway of faith there are exits we can take at any time. Too tired? Take the next exit and quit if you want. But BJ reminded us through hard times, we can’t give up. We must seek to find God’s plan for our lives and live every day like it is our last.

4. Our world is getting crazier by the day. How does a 16 year old have TWO PRIORS for DWI???!! Love those close to you and hug them daily.

BJ, we love you my friend and know you are doing some Hammer Time right now. Hold us a seat and enjoy the show. We all who believe will join you in the blink of an eye!

For more about the accident you can read here:

posted Brady Speers

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