1st Annual 80s Bash a Blast

We love to have parties at our home. We love our friends. Most of the time worlds collide because we have people from all walks of life that we are friends with all over the Metroplex and even farther. Friends from college, parents of our kids friends, business, and various churches including our own. Such a great group of people. Julie and I chose a house plan that would accommodate parties. We dreamed it would be a place of fun and fellowship and 10 years later it certainly has been. From the summer bashes, to Cowboys parties during the fall it is our way of giving back.

Friday night was another new tradition – the annual 80s karaoke costume party. Guests include MC Hammer, Madonna x2, Rob Smith of The Cure, George Michael, Professor from Back to the Future, Goonies, Mr T, a Ghostbuster, and many more. What a blast. The night was full of some horrible singing and dancing for sure, but it was a great time.

It’s hard to believe now many great songs there were in the 80s. We didn’t even touch 5% of the hits. I can’t believe we are all old enough to consider them “classics”. Wow.

Next year it should be even bigger and better. I already have my character figured out…

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