Life as We Know It is About to Change

We no longer have a moral compass.

Essentially the SCOTUS ruled yesterday that the Federal Govt cannot pass laws that have their basis on the moral values of the day. Get ready….this will open the flood gates of issues being brought to them – polygamy, drug use, prostitution, pedophilia – it’s all coming. Remember this post when your brain is about to explode in the future when you watch this happen…

Our nation was founded on the basis that the Bible was our moral guide: no murder, no lying, no stealing, no homosexuality, no cheating on your wife, etc – you know – basics. Well, those days are certainly long gone. Without a moral compass hell will now rule.

Growing up in Christian home I was taught all my life what the end times would like – and I am staring it in the face.

Regardless of whether you believe or not, it only makes common sense to protect us from each other that we would have some moral guide else chaos ensue. Ripping that foundation from the fabric of our nation is gonna bring on the freak show of the century. They are likely already lining up at attorney doorways all over the nation even as I write this.

God help us all and let me suggest this:

You don’t have to believe in God to be wrong. Get yourself right with Him immediately.


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