Summer Plans Make Left Turn

Well, so much for that.

Thanks to an unexpected bought with Salmonella, our summer just came to a crashing stand still. Quinn came down with it this last week – 5 solid days of big time food poisoning. Sick beyond words. Finally ended up in the hospital where I am typing this.

No Korea Camp. No birthday party. No vacation…so far.

Right now our focus is getting him well. This is likely to take a week or longer too, And, even more money going to Cooks of course.

Once we get past it, hopefully we will still have time to get our trip in to St. Louis.

Bummed. But, it could always be worse.

God is good.


Korea Camp 2013, Quinn Turns 6, and then Saint Louis Vacation

Summer 2013 is in mid-stride and the next 10 days are gonna be some fun for the Speers clan.

First we head to Tulsa, OK, for our 2nd annual Korea Camp – a great time to celebrate Quinn’s heritage with others that look just like him. The girls in this case get to be the minorities and they love it.

Quinn will also turn 6 during our time away. Yes, 6! Incredible to me. Mr. Smiley is running into a little man.

Finally, we head up to Saint Louis to wrap up the summer fun with a vacation in the heartland. Can’t wait to see The Arch, the brewery, the zoo, the magic house and children’s museum. Gonna be a blast. I am bummed that the world’s largest McDonalds on Route 66 is closed for renovations. We planned to stop there until we heard that.

We head out soon!