Summer 2013 Ends, School Begins

Have to admit. It was a fun, crazy summer. Isn’t that what all kids hope for?

Ours certainly fit the bill of Judy Moody. We got lots of points on this one. Ours included two trips, one to Galveston and another later to Atlanta. We missed Korea Camp (bummer of the summer for sure) but hit a Rangers game, Camp Thurman, VBS, two birthdays, a few movies (Monsters, Smurfs, Despicable Me2) Hawaiian Falls, visits to both sets of grandparents, a 5 day hospital stay, pool swimming, a mother random things like Cowboys open practice at ATT Stadium. Overall, it was incredibly busy and fun – minus the salmonella scare with Quinn of course.

Somehow in the midst of all of this I managed to work and had a great summer from that perspective and in the end Julie and I escaped for a relaxing weekend in Vegas. Aria Resort is holy cow, amazing FYI. Found our place at there for sure.

In some ways I am dreading the early mornings and school routine. Yet, in others I am excited because the fall is my favorite time of year. Bring on some football!

Next summer is less than 10 months away!


Identical Twins Are 8 – All That We Now Know

Happy birthday to the loves of my life; Chloe and Sidney.

I still get choked up when I think about that scary start to their lives 8 years ago. TTTS nearly took its toll, but God had His angels over them and here we are 8 years later enjoying so much together.

I wondered myself what being parents of twins, especially identical twins, would be like. We aren’t experts yet by any imagination, but for those of you curious, here are some tidbits.

Yes, they are very much the same. They like to eat the same things, drink the same things and do the same things – but they do wear different out fits most of the time.

Yes, they finish each others sentences.

Yes, they have their own words and languages.

Yes, they CRACK each other up leaving us all wondering “what the heck?” (they laugh just like the chipmunks and that is no joke. We all end up dying laughing.)

Yes, they are crushed when they are away from each other and we have learned that this is our best form of punishment.

Yes, they have other friends but do struggle making more.

Yes, they are two different people and have many differences – Sidney has always been our little mommy and Chloe is our comedian (and magician).

Yes, they get annoyed with being asked “are you twins?”.

Yes, they do fight, but very, very rarely.

Yes, they will probably share the same room forever and nearly had a heart attack when I suggested otherwise.

Yes, we sometimes call them the wrong names 8 years later in a quick glance. 

Twins are unique for sure, but identical twins are even more rare. It is fun to watch, but certainly we will never understand them completely. I get how identicals many times live their entire lives by each other until the day they die. Identicals in many ways are like one person split into two. They didn’t just share the womb, they were literally “one” from day one. Their bond is amazing and frankly, nearly scary. Their love is neat to watch and their conversations are entertaining to spy on.

I know it won’t be long and my babies will be headed off to college – 8 got here way to fast and I know 18 will seem like a blink. But being parents of these little people remains an honor and joy.

Thank you God for giving us such a blessing.

Georgia, Sweet Georgia

Been home about 12 hours and can’t sit still.

That was one fun vacation! Georgia rocks – literally.

No idea that a last minute trip, with little planning, could turn out so great. Indeed it was.

Our family likes to try and check out a new city each year. Of course we have already explored the likes of those close by over the years: Dallas, Houston and San Antonio and Orlando area was in 2011. But, now that the kids are a little older and flying is easier we plan to step it up. Originally it was going to be a road trip to St. Louis, but medical issues changed that and Atlanta was on the list so…

Here is a breakdown of our 6 day/5 night stay via Facebook:

Day One Vaca: travel to ATL, eat @ Truetts Grill (ahh yea), drive to Stone Mountain Park and chill poolside at Evergreen Marriott Resort, then movie in the room.feeling blessed.

Day Two Vaca: breakfast by the “mountain”, learn mountain activities are closed all week, feel like Chevy Chase, rearrange entire week, spend day at Six Flags GA instead, wrap up with meal @ Longhorn Steakhouse.feeling proud.

Day Three Vaca: Hit Museum of Natrl Science, Varisty drive-in, then amazing World of Coke, walk through Olympic park, got drenched going to Target, took photos at Turner Field drove all over ATL area and then dinner @ local Buckhead fav Varasanos – all in the rain.watching Disney Channel.

Day Four Vaca: CNN tour (worlds tallest escalator), very emotional lunch at the first ever CFA (DwarfHouse), GeorgiaDome drive-by, then nothing compares Georgia Aquarium!, drove all over ATL area again and dinner at “DinersNDives” hit Flip Burger Boutique!feeling tired.

Day Five Vaca: amazing weather for Stone Mountain Day! What an incredible place: ride to the top was cool and on top you could see for-ev-er! Had photo session there too. Rope climbing with the kids was the highlight for sure. We are worn out and ready for home. Missing the dogs…

Day Six Vaca: leave freaking early as heck for 720 flight home – eat Whataburger on way to house – yummy – think about GA — feeling satisfied


* Original CFA (Dwarf House) – must for any CFA fan
* Truett’s Grill – yum
* CNN Tour – way cool
* Georgia Aquarium (world’s largest) – no words!!!
* Museum of Natural History – seen better honestly meh
* Stone Mountain and Stone Mountain amusement area – no doubt must do
* Flip Burger
* Varsity Drive In – oh yea
* Olympic Park – very cool
* Turner Field
* Georgia Dome
* World of Coke – cool as heck!
* Six Flags over GA – very clean, shaddy and tons of fun
* Buckhead area
* Amazing drives in trees and hills

Only sad thing was we did not get into the new CFA tour! Dislike! Apparently a 3 week waiting list. Yikes.

In short, no idea ATL area would be so fun and so kid friendly. Need a place to take kids for a long weekend or week long trip? Plenty to do and the area is nice, clean and friendly. Trees and hills galore too. GO!

It was a pleasant surprise and right now sits just below our trip to Disney!

Salmonella Won’t Stop Us – Headed on Family Vaca!

Now that Quinn is over his hospital stay and illness, we are finally ready to head out for our family vacation next week. We had to change plans because he has an IV now so we are headed to another city on the list: Atlanta! And we will be staying at Stone Mountain and enjoying the ATL area: original CFA, Truetts, Olympic Park, Aquarium and the works.

Here we come!

Boy do we need it.