Summer 2013 Ends, School Begins

Have to admit. It was a fun, crazy summer. Isn’t that what all kids hope for?

Ours certainly fit the bill of Judy Moody. We got lots of points on this one. Ours included two trips, one to Galveston and another later to Atlanta. We missed Korea Camp (bummer of the summer for sure) but hit a Rangers game, Camp Thurman, VBS, two birthdays, a few movies (Monsters, Smurfs, Despicable Me2) Hawaiian Falls, visits to both sets of grandparents, a 5 day hospital stay, pool swimming, a mother random things like Cowboys open practice at ATT Stadium. Overall, it was incredibly busy and fun – minus the salmonella scare with Quinn of course.

Somehow in the midst of all of this I managed to work and had a great summer from that perspective and in the end Julie and I escaped for a relaxing weekend in Vegas. Aria Resort is holy cow, amazing FYI. Found our place at there for sure.

In some ways I am dreading the early mornings and school routine. Yet, in others I am excited because the fall is my favorite time of year. Bring on some football!

Next summer is less than 10 months away!


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