Kids Are Saved and Baptised

For years now our kids have been learning about Christ and what it means to be saved from our sins. We all screw up every day and we all want to spend eternity heaven. However, unrighteousness cannot coexist in heaven with holiness. Therefore, we remain separated from a holy God because of our screw ups (sin). Our kids – all three of them – totally get this.

Monday, October 7th Quinn, Sidney and Chloe all decided they wanted Jesus in their hearts. They prayed the prayer of faith and all three got saved that night as we led them to Christ right in our own home.

We had talked about it intently for days and I made sure they all three understood what it would mean. Quinn as little as 6 years old almost seemed to get it more than the girls. “We are separated from God because of our sin, dad, and to get back to God we have to believe in Jesus” he told me one night. Chloe was adamant about getting it done right away. She wanted Jesus in her heart to help her not be scared about things, to save her and to be close to her. Since then she hasn’t dealt with one nightmare either. Just a side note. 🙂 Sidney wanted to make sure she got to go to heaven and wanted Jesus to live in her as well.

Sunday they joined their cousin Kelsey and got baptized by our amazing Pastor, Randy Weeaks. Our church has played a huge role in their lives and in their understanding of who God is and how He loves us all. What a glorious time for my family and the day before my birthday too!

I made my confession of faith in Jesus when I was just 11 in the town of Pearland, Texas. I don’t know the exact day and frankly I don’t recall my baptism much either. I struggled with it for years and ended up recommitting my walk to Christ when I was 14 at Super Summer in Denton, Texas. That I clearly remember. However, my original salvation experience is foggy not because it wasn’t real, but mainly because there isn’t much around to remind me of it or to recall it all by. Times were different. Few cameras, no video, no Facebook, etc. I have a Bible somewhere with the date. I knew then that I needed Jesus to save me.

Christ only asks us to have a child like faith. As we get older we tend to think we know it all, don’t need God and have a handle on it all. How sad.

Jesus died for you as well as for me. My kids get it and now Julie and I can rest at night knowing we will spend eternity with those we love the most – Chloe, Sidney and Quinn.

Thank you God for keeping it simple enough for a 6 year old child to understand.



I Sold Health Insurance – I Know Why Obamacare Will Fail

In all of the debate going on about Obamacare, few are talking about the REAL reason it will fail. It’s simple math actually.

For over a decade I owned a company that sold health plans to people without insurance. Our target audience were the self-employed and the small business employee without healthcare. The 30,000,000 uninsured we hear all about.

We spoke to thousands a week and out of those, we would sell only a handful a day. 

Here is what we learned from those millions of uninsured that simply wouldn’t buy from us no matter what we offered:

– people don’t want to pay for anything – they want free health insurance
– people feel like it should be given to them and it is a right to have
– people have no urgency to buy
– young people (under 40 without a family) didn’t care about being insured
– many young families could careless too because they would simply visit their local ER
– if they did buy, they wanted the best health plan on the market for about $1 a day…for the family
– people would pay their cell phone bills way before ever thinking about spending it on health insurance
– lots of people didn’t seem to care that their family was at risk of financial ruin or lack of care without it

These are the very people Obamacare MUST HAVE to work and I will sit back and laugh while this fails miserably. Why?

See, for health insurance to work, it must be based on a pool of people – both healthy and unhealthy, young and old. The young healthy people pay premiums for care they never use. This revenue is then used to pay the claims turned in by the older, unhealthy policy holders.

Without them the entire system collapses and that is exactly what is about to happen here. 

They are foolish to think that young people are suddenly going to run to the exchanges, plunk down their credit cards and pay even as a little as $100 a month for any type of health care, when they have no fear of a small tax fine, are healthy and see no need for it, and assumed that it was going to be free anyway. Heck, I know people (some friends even) who are in the 40s who don’t have health insurance and don’t seem too worried about it.

Only some of those (and I do mean some) that qualify for government subsidies, that result in ALMOST FREE health care, will sign up. But again, why? Even a $50 a month plan is $50 that takes away from movie night, dinner or dates.

It simply isn’t going to work people.

Think I am wrong? You just wait. Now the government will lie to us about how many people are signed up (and they already are) and they will merely bury the costs to us tax payers. But the reality is, we talked to these people everyday and I remember one specifically telling me back in 2009 – “I’m just gonna wait for my free Obamacare”.

Yep, that’s the nature of a majority of these uninsured.

My Kids Are Saved

For months now our three kids have been asking lots of questions about faith, God, and the realities of sin. They get it.

After church on Sunday all three of them made it clear to me that they understood the need for Jesus and wanted to ask him to save them.

In one of my favorite passages in the Bible Jesus said this: “And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:2-4 ESV)

Jesus doesn’t ask that we have it all figured out. He simply demands that we believe. Plain and simple. Either you need Jesus because you are not perfect and have sinned, or you don’t need him because you are perfect and never have sinned.

My kids at 6, 8 and 8 completely get this…at their level.

They said the prayer of salvation last night with Julie and I.

“Jesus, I believe in you. Please live in my heart and forgive me of my sins.”

Can it be any easier?

Romans 10:9 “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

My kids have started their journey of faith. Praise God my kids are saved!