Colorado Trip Proves to Be Huge Fun

Two big things have been accomplished in our kids lives the last year. One, and most important, they got saved last fall and are now all Christians. Two, and just behind that, they love Colorado and love to ski!

We headed to the mountains for a visit with our friends Clint and Alisa Locks last weekend for our first ever winter-time visit to the Rockies. It had been 7 years since we last skied and I missed it. Julie tore her knees real bad and was somewhat timid about the whole thing. I have always loved being in God’s country and seeing His creation. It’s always been one of my favorite things to do. We had no idea if the kids would truly dig the cold and snow and love skiing. After all, learning to ski can be a total pain in the rear.

Julie and I both learned to ski later in life as teenagers. I have always hoped that my kids would learn and love it as kids. Seeing these other littles fly down the mountain without poles in reckless abandon has always been a hope for me.

Years later, I am now the dad with three of them! Holy cow. After one day of lessons by the amazing people at Copper Mountain all three of them were hooked like a Boulder hippie loves the legal weed! We spent Sunday skiing with the Locks and their two littles, Bree and Addi, and now they can’t wait to go back!

I guess the only problem now is I just better prepare to make that 14 hour drive once a year!

I am so excited…


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