Parents, Take Your Kids Somewhere…They Will Never Forget It

I am a huge believer in creating a childhood of memories for my kids. Nothing in life will last more than the things you DO with them. And few things can rival jumping in a car or getting on a plane and heading somewhere neat and fun.


Sadly, more and more parents put work and busyness on the top of their list. Suddenly, the years fly by and you’ve basically gone nowhere with the family other than a trip to the grandparents. That’s better than nothing, but there is a world out there to see and your kids should experience it…with you! I know it’s tough and I get money can be tight, but nothing is a better investment than finding a way, any way, to get away as a family and see and do new things together. It will last a lifetime. Maybe a trip to Enchanted Rock, or a weekend at the lake, or a few days on the beach. It’s our job as parents to be creative and fun. Making money and just paying the bills is certainly top priority, but most of us in America can find a way, if we truly want to, to get a way with the littles.


Here are my suggestions:


  1. Draw a circle of out from your home of places you can go within a 1 days drive, say 10 hours or so. You will be surprised at what’s close enough to go see.
  2. Look for special hotel or online offers to save on hotels or attractions.
  3. Consider going on quick, long weekend trips if you can’t afford to be gone long or the costs are too much. A lot can be done in just a few days!
  4. Find friends in those areas and bunk up and enjoy time all together.
  5. Save money and put it on the calendar a year in advance. This will build the excitement in the family and ensure that the trip gets done!
  6. Ask for suggestions with others you know. You’d be amazed at all the connections and ideas you likely have!
  7. Take the kids out of school a few days and go when places are slow. We love this. Kids can miss a few days and it maximizes your time and dollars spent…plus it makes the kids feel even more special to get out when everyone else is going to class.


Toys, games, and stuff never last. Time with each other, on the road headed somewhere will last forever. It can be frustrating and at times tempers may flare, but one thing is certain. They will jump up and down the next time you say you’re headed somewhere.

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