Brady Speers Join’s HPU Alumni Board of Directors

Yea that’s right. Me. Your very own and only Brady Speers. HeHe.

First of all, it feels like it was just last week I was in my 20s and going to Howard Payne University as a student along with the likes of Curlee, Locks, Cofresi, Rinehart, Cozart, Hines, Wakefield, Carter, Davidson, just to name a FEW out of the many I hung with.


Now I am 45 (in a few months) with three kids, a wife, and two dogs.

Excuse me?

So, to have an opportunity to pay forward all God did for me while at HPU by serving the school for a little while gives me great joy. I loved and still love the school. Those were some of the greatest years of my life. For real.

Hopefully, I can stir up some trouble down in good ol’ Brownwood on behalf of The Fellas. Either way, it should be fun and I get to eat at Underwoods every now and then. What else could a boy like me want???

Peace it.

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