What You Don’t Know About Shooting Bridges

Ok, before any reports me to the NSA for this headline, let me quickly say that by “shooting” I mean, with a camera.

There, now that that’s all squared away…

As you may know, I like photography and I like bridges. Not sure why I like bridges, but I do. I like their purpose of getting someone over something, or of bridging one area to another. They also serve as a mental metaphor – sometimes to get where we want to go, there are things we must overcome. In other words, build a bridge….and get over it.

Since I travel the state of Texas working with retirees, I thought I would set out take photos of my favorites. My only rules being:

1. My bridges will focus on those that carried vehicles at some point in their past – no train or walking only ones

2. Texas bridges only

3. I either must have a story to go along with the bridge, or it must simply be one I like for some reason

In taking on this venture I started the Bridges of Texas facebook page and have since posted a few of my bridges.

But, this ain’t easy.

First of all, it’s hard to grasp the gravity of a large bridge without two views at my disposal. One, being from distance – meaning big bridges are awe inspiring as you come up on them from a distance, such as the Fred Hartman Bridge near Houston. But getting, a good photo from distance is as easy as trying to get a Cowboys playoff win. Two, aerial views. Yea, I don’t own a helicopter so everything I get is on foot or from the car.

Another challenge, is obvious – traffic. So many cool shots could happen if I simply could close down the road for about 30 minutes. Placed a call into DPS but haven’t gotten a reply yet…

But I have pulled of a few close ones and gotten some neat shots in the process. Forget all the camera settings and such. Just shoot and go is what happens alot of times.

Finally, Big Brother is always a concern. I remember taking photos of the Houston Ship Channel bridge one day – which by the way was nearly impossible to photograph. I was driving all over the place, getting out of the car, camera in tow, running here and there erratically, looking all around nervously for cars, criminals, etc. Jumping back in the car, spinning the tires and doing u-turns all over the place. I’m sure I am now on some watch list called “Potential Bridge Bombers”.

Bottom line is, some of my shots are great. Others, yea not so much. But you’re just on my journey anyway. I ain’t doing this for accolades or awards. It’s just something fun to make those Texas road trips a little more entertaining.

Thanks for joining me! http://www.facebook.com/bridgesoftexas


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