Summer 2014 Is Rockin’ & Rollin’ Too Fast

Wow. Is it already almost August? How is that possible.

Summer 2014. We already miss you. But we will enjoy these last few weeks before the craziness of fall commences.

So far we have had a busy one. We spent a week on the coast (Galveston that is…not some wonderful, expensive “coastal vacation” as some might think)…but still it was fun. Pleasure Pier was great as usual and mom and dad joined us along with my sister’s family.

After that it was crazy kid fun time. Church VBS, Hawaiian Falls and then Camp Thurman. Plus Camp Grammy and Papa out in Tyler and time at Nana and Poppys!.

Then came 4th of July festivities with lots of friends and the family, and finally a quick break for normal summer time stuff.

This week we head to our real summer vacay as we head to St. Louis! Our next stop on our tour of American cities. Lots of fun stuff to do there for kids…and we can drive. Road trip!

Plus, on the way, we stop in Tulsa, OK, for Korea Camp 2014! We missed last year as you may recall from Quinn being in the hospital. We will celebrate his 7th bday by the way!

Summer isn’t over, but man is it rocking and rolling right off the calendar!


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