Life at 45

Just 5 years ago I turned 40 and wore a shirt that said “crap” on it.

Today I am 45.

Poof. Half a decade is gone and the road underneath me is moving faster than ever.

But, 45 isn’t bad either. In reality, it’s only 25 + 20. There. I feel better…

Glad I have Facebook and apps like Timehop to remind me of yesteryear. Memory might be gone next, so at least I’ve got that. If I can remember my login information…

Honestly, it is hard to believe. Seems like yesterday I was meeting the likes of Clint Locks, Brenna Heald, Ralph Jensen, Dave Curlee, Scott Rinehart, Chris Novinger, Matt Sherman, David Tereck, Katherine Curlee, Greg Hightower and of course my wife Julie. Go back a little more and there was Shannon Kipp, Paige Rice, Johnny Thompson, Tyson & Scott McMahon and Billy Shoemaker and the entire Houston gang. This only names just a few of the many, many others (sorry everyone, but my typing is that of a 5 year old…actually, make that a 3 year old – even my kids are like “dad, you type with three fingers!!”). The likes of Friendswood, DeSoto, Brownwood, Arlington/Fort Worth and now Mansfield. It’s crazy. I call them Seasons.

Life is Good, and God makes it that way.

At 45 I can say I am blessed beyond words. I am not rich, but we meet our needs, I have a great career, and I have the most amazing wife and kids ever (with another in process!). I even have a TV star dog who talks, and another that’s 16 going on 17. (Really? I mean come on.) Even my Dallas Cowboys are the talk of the NFL right now.

When I think about the “what if’s” life brings, I feel overwhelmed with humility in all seriousness. I thank God every day for all He has allowed me to experience and for being with me through my truly stupid moments. Times will be tough. I know that. I just don’t buy into all of the Osteen talk of our world. Our world is a crazy mess, Obama might get re-elected one more time, and ebloa might be on my door handle, but in the end I have my faith, my family and all my friends I seem to only see on Facebook (Ha!). But most important, I have Christ – who gave me eternal life, forgiveness I didn’t and still don’t deserve and most importantly, Stryper rock and roll, metal music! (Yes, I still listen and just saw them live a few months ago! Loud N Clear baby! Mom still rolls her eyes…)

I still have alot to do and alot I want to experience. I can only pray I am able to do that as I try and make a difference in this nutty world, encouraging others to do the same, all the while streaming Michael Berry and 1310 the Ticket live nearly every day.

Can I get a WhoopWhoop from all you Aggie friends out there (lord how many of them are there anyway!!!??) Go Bears!



Cowboys Win in First Family Game

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys are considered America’s 2nd best team at 6-1. Is this happening??

Time to let the kids experience this craziness in person.

We took the kids to their first game Sunday. Got some “cheap” upper level seats and cheered them on. Quite an experience. They loved it and hung in there. We even tailgated for an hour or so before the game and cooked some burgers. It was a great time and a memory we won’t likely afford often, but that they will remember forever. Nothing like a Cowboys game live in Jerry World. It was loud and crazy as usual.

Go Cowboys!