Baylor/TCU Get Hosed in New College Playoff Deal

Yea. I went to Baylor and I am a proud Bear. I also have lots of ties to TCU and know many Frogs feel the same way I do.

We both got the shaft in this new version of football “playoffs” brought to you by the wonder-boys of the NCAA.

Today this mysterious playoff committee chose the first 4 teams to ever enter into the new college playoff system. Four teams. Yep. Four. Baylor finished 5th, and TCU finished 6th in the rankings. Go figure. Nice and convenient for them too. The nice guy schools (public and private) aren’t liked by most and it’s only fitting both teams get left out of the final mix. Baylor and TCU both sit at 11-1 with major wins over top ranked programs all year long.

Yet, rather than college football being a real sport, with a real playoff system, just four teams get selected by a group of people, and they picked the likes of the big schools; Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State and Oregon, leaving the Bears and Frogs hoping for a nice pat-on-the-back bowl bid.

This is why I prefer the NFL. Any given Sunday applies once the playoffs start. Any given Saturday only applies to March Madness when it comes to the NCAA however.

This must be fixed and must be fixed immediately. Set up a real tournament with 8-10 teams. Then you can know you have the best of the best fighting it out for the championship. Until then, the Bears and Frogs can hold nothing more than their lame “co-champions Big 12” trophies.