2015 Around the Corner, Can Cowboys Pull it Off?

Wow. Is 2014 already over???? Really??!?!

Amazing huh. What a year too, right? GOP wins Congress, Cosby mess, Obama scandals, ISIS, North Korea, Robin Williams death, airliner disappears, my friend’s daughter Reagan James nearly wins The Voice, Jimmy Fallon takes over Tonight Show, and Cowboys have won more than 8 games finally! No to mention we are adding a 4th child to our family! Crazy!

I love the holidays. No matter how bad thing are, Christmas and what it means always makes it alright.

The Cowboys might win tomorrow and put themselves in the playoffs. Santa is coming in a few days and Kevin the Elf will return to the North Pole once again. New Years will follow and then here we go again with another year behind us and another out in front.

Bring on 2015!