First Mavs Game for the Kiddos! #Dirk is #kingofDFW

With the Cowboys season ended so abruptly last Sunday evening, it was a long hard week for the diehard sports fan like me, so by Friday it was time to embrace this time of year. The Mavs and Stars will carry us into April and then we the Rangers and Astros will join in the fun. Combined these four teams still don’t come close to the fun of a Cowboys season – especially when the only good one in the bunch are the Mavs. But, it is what it is.

Friday night we took the kids to their first Mavs game. Just to see Dirk in person. That was a goal for 2015. What a superstar, stud, role model that dude is. And a champion to boot. I will never forget the 2011 Mavs run to the title. First DFW title since the 1999 Stars Cup win. It was a great game and even ran into Greg Hightower that night.

Going to be a long 6 months until training camp gets up and running and frankly I’m not even sure I will watch the playoffs from here on out. But, it was a great Cowboys season and we are pumped about 2015 already. For now, let’s Go Mavs! Stars! Rangers! And Astros!


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All week long the NFL promoted it as “ICE Bowl II”. Green Bay / Dallas – first playoff contest at Lambeau Field since the original Ice Bowl in 1967.

It wasn’t quite the “ice bowl” in all sense of the title, as it was about 40 degrees warmer than the original, but it was a classic game none of us will soon forget. Especially those of us that follow the Cowboys. Even Green Bay fans this morning have to almost turn away a collective embarrassed smile knowing they basically stole one from the hands of destiny.

It was a classic alight, with three groups impacting the final outcome – the Cowboys, the Packers and the NFL Referees.

With Green Bay leading 26-21 in the 4th with just over 5 minutes left, the Cowboys began one last drive with an intent to score a game winning touchdown. Having already seen one horrific non-call by the Refs in the 1st half in which a pass was ruled a catch when replay clearly showed it touched the ground, all Cowboy fans figured that was the expected Detroit payback call and it was out of their system now. It was purely up to us to win the game now.

So here it is, 4th down and 2. Game on the line. Fail at this and your only hope is to stop Green Bay and get the ball back with one final shot. Tony Romo opts to pass and heaves a bomb down the sideline to Dez Bryant who had single coverage. Odds are in our favor. He leaps, makes the most amazing catch of his career with  defensive contact taking place, clearly secures the ball, takes two steps, stretches for the end zone, rolls over and then the ball comes loose but he re-secures it on his chest. Cowboys Nation goes nuts. Green Bay challenges it and all of us sit around talking about how we have to score and then slow down Green Bay when they get the ball back.

Nope, the NFL Referees decided to become a part of such a classic game by making the call that it was not a catch. Complete stupidity. Anyone with a brain that has ever watched or even played football in their backyard knows that was one of the greatest catches in all of history. He was robbed. Season over.

Did that call cost us the game? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe had Murray not fumbled (as usual) on what would have been an easy long TD run….had Bailey not missed an important field goal (something he hardly ever does)…or maybe had penalties and sacks not pushed the Cowboys out of another FG chance in the 2nd half, this particular play wouldn’t have mattered. Yet, this play did matter and the NFL got its ugly arse involved in a game when it had no business doing so.

Replays played after the game clearly show he did catch the ball and that he was touched during the process, yet their quick review at the time didn’t appear to notice that. (Why the heck do they have replay anyway when game after game what is seen in the replay isn’t used to make the right call??!?!?) It should have been down by contact at the 1 yard line. Sure, Green Bay might have still gotten the ball back and kicked the game winning field goal a mere 3 minutes later. But that’s football. That’s letting the game and teams play it out. .

Instead, the Cowboys were sent home with a kick to the groin.

It was a great year and next year we will have a chip on our shoulder put there by the NFL powers-to-be that have so over-regulated the game we love it makes me sick.

My Cowboys played their butts off all year. Haven’t been this proud of this team in 20 years. Romo, Murray, Bryant, Whiten and the likes were all great. This was a chance stolen right out of their hands. Who knows how many more they might get. But we will try again in 9 months.

Ice Bowl II alright. Green Bay 26, Dallas 21, NFL 7.


It’s Been 20 Years

Yea. Two decades. That’s how long it’s been since this city and everyone I know has been this jacked up about a Dallas Cowboys team and playoff game.

Cowboys vs. Packers – Lambeau Field, Sunday. Noon. Divisional Round. Winner goes to the NFC Championship game.

The 1967 NFL Championship Game, aka the “Ice Bowl” was the last time these two teams met in Green Bay with so much on the line. It’s been since 1995 that anyone around here believed this team might have something special going on. Heck it was 21 years ago when 1310am The Ticket started up and I listened to Gordo get arrested on the field the week of a big regular season game between these two. That’s how long it;s been. I was 25.

Twenty long, Jerry Jones controlled years.

At the beginning of the season I had this team going 6-10. Instead they went 12-4. So…in light of that negative, reverse mojo, I have the Cowboys losing this game 37-17. No chance.

Either way. I am proud of this team this year. It’s about dang time NFL football be fun around here again.

Let’s do this. #Finishthefight

2015 – My Predictions

The middle of the 2nd decade of the OOs is here. 2015. Bam.

Now these aren’t based on much, but here are my predictions for what just might happen in the following 365 days.

1. Baylor and TCU will both win their respective Bowls and feel they should both be #1…as a result the BCS playoff system will change to 8 teams starting in a few years. If not, Briles and Patterson just might end up close brothers.

2. Speaking of TCU/Baylor, Baylor will once again win in 2015 in Fort Worth by a score of 78-76.

3. ISIS sadly will make more big time news and Obama will once again give them some stern warnings before his next round of golf

4. Gold prices will flatten then decline

5. The stock market will take a hit in early 2015 but will recover and likely come close to 18500 before 2016

6. Jeb Bush will be the front runner for the GOP and Hillary will take over after Obama for the DEMS.

7. The Dallas Cowboys will lose to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC title game.

8. The SuperBowl will be won by Tom Brady and the Patriots vs. the Seattle Seahawks

9. The new GOP Congress will stay tangled up in debate with newly elected members pushing back against the RINOs

10. Star Wars will rock our world in cinema

11. U2 will try and give us another free album via Google

12. Healthcare rates will cause huge uproar once again as Obamacare becomes the focus once again

13. Someone in Hollywood will take their own life, sadly.

14. Gas will go back up to $3

15. The Dallas Mavericks will make it all the way to the WC Finals and lose to Golden State – Memphis will win it all

16. The Astros will have a better record than the Rangers

17. Someone, somewhere will do something really stupid and we will all be like “wha????”

18. Facebook will do more updates to tick us off even more