2015 – My Predictions

The middle of the 2nd decade of the OOs is here. 2015. Bam.

Now these aren’t based on much, but here are my predictions for what just might happen in the following 365 days.

1. Baylor and TCU will both win their respective Bowls and feel they should both be #1…as a result the BCS playoff system will change to 8 teams starting in a few years. If not, Briles and Patterson just might end up close brothers.

2. Speaking of TCU/Baylor, Baylor will once again win in 2015 in Fort Worth by a score of 78-76.

3. ISIS sadly will make more big time news and Obama will once again give them some stern warnings before his next round of golf

4. Gold prices will flatten then decline

5. The stock market will take a hit in early 2015 but will recover and likely come close to 18500 before 2016

6. Jeb Bush will be the front runner for the GOP and Hillary will take over after Obama for the DEMS.

7. The Dallas Cowboys will lose to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC title game.

8. The SuperBowl will be won by Tom Brady and the Patriots vs. the Seattle Seahawks

9. The new GOP Congress will stay tangled up in debate with newly elected members pushing back against the RINOs

10. Star Wars will rock our world in cinema

11. U2 will try and give us another free album via Google

12. Healthcare rates will cause huge uproar once again as Obamacare becomes the focus once again

13. Someone in Hollywood will take their own life, sadly.

14. Gas will go back up to $3

15. The Dallas Mavericks will make it all the way to the WC Finals and lose to Golden State – Memphis will win it all

16. The Astros will have a better record than the Rangers

17. Someone, somewhere will do something really stupid and we will all be like “wha????”

18. Facebook will do more updates to tick us off even more