First Mavs Game for the Kiddos! #Dirk is #kingofDFW

With the Cowboys season ended so abruptly last Sunday evening, it was a long hard week for the diehard sports fan like me, so by Friday it was time to embrace this time of year. The Mavs and Stars will carry us into April and then we the Rangers and Astros will join in the fun. Combined these four teams still don’t come close to the fun of a Cowboys season – especially when the only good one in the bunch are the Mavs. But, it is what it is.

Friday night we took the kids to their first Mavs game. Just to see Dirk in person. That was a goal for 2015. What a superstar, stud, role model that dude is. And a champion to boot. I will never forget the 2011 Mavs run to the title. First DFW title since the 1999 Stars Cup win. It was a great game and even ran into Greg Hightower that night.

Going to be a long 6 months until training camp gets up and running and frankly I’m not even sure I will watch the playoffs from here on out. But, it was a great Cowboys season and we are pumped about 2015 already. For now, let’s Go Mavs! Stars! Rangers! And Astros!


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