The Greatest, Most Genius Political Scam Ever

What just happened????

We must go back in time…

2020 A Timeline of Insanity

Pre 2020 Key Background Facts/Info:

  1. World Economic Forum hosts economic “DAVOS” meetings every year. Their agenda is very progressive, liberal, anti-American, and one-world seeking based in terms of policy and ideology. At DAVOS hundreds of the richest most powerful world leaders meet to discuss – yes Bill Gates was there of course. China has become a huge player, loved by all and yet America has remained ambiguous and non-commited for the most part.  It has gained more and more steam and the central point of a world movement. Hillary was going to be the final key to getting America fully involved… (now you know the rest of the story that’s about to begin…)
  2. After Trump won election in 2016, the Dems publicly vowed to do “whatever it took” to get him out of their progressive agenda ways.
    1. Immediately screamed voter fraud and collusion with Russia
    1. Spent four years investigating him with the goal of trying to persuade America through the media and tarnish him from day one
    1. They spent fours years focused on hating Trump – they didn’t accomplish and single piece of significant legislature or work with Trump on anything
    1. Impeached Trump over a very week phone call with President of Ukraine
      1. Later we learned VP Biden had direct connections with this country and even used his position to influence their handling of relations with us son Hunter
  3. Early 2016 Dr Facui warns of great “respiratory” virus “That’s easily spread and highly contagious.”
  4. Early in 2017 – Dr Fauci is quoted as saying “Trump administration will not only be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV, but also a surprise disease outbreak.” (any idea how he knew??? Hmmm)
  5. China lab in Wohan has been working on similar viruses that are believed now to be Covid129 all the way back to 2012. They have been manipulating and testing them there in Wohan. It is believed it leaked or was released via human contact not animals in late 2019.

2020 Begins

Key Things to remember:

  • America is in strongest economic recovery in the history of the world
    • Stock market is exploding
    • 401ks and savings are growing
    • Gas prices are down
    • Taxes are down
    • Economy and GDP are booming
    • Jobs are plenty and unemployment is down
    • Real Estate in certain parts of the nation is more active than ever
    • We are standing up to evil players around the world
    • Military is rebuilt
    • Peace is in full swing – we pull troops of out various areas around the world and no major terrorist activities take place
    • Trump approval rating was at 52% – very strong
    • Essentially nothing is wrong except they simply HATED Donald Trump and he was in the way of their DAVOS Great Reset plan being implemented world wide
  • Democrats have a Whatever It Takes Mindset and Strategy about 2020 election
  • Understand and Appeal to the Democratic voter as profiled below:
    • Votes on who is likeable, cool, hip
    • Go with the crowd types
    • Gets news from CNN, rarely researches beyond that
    • Easily offended
    • Sees ALL opposition as a racial issue
    • Doesn’t care what a political leader actually does, more concerned about what they say and how they say it
    • Doesn’t readily know the political issues at hand
    • Doesn’t readily know their own politicians stances or views on those same issues
    • Is easily swayed by the mainstream media, celebrities and Hollywood
    • Despises most Christians and doesn’t hold to Christian values
    • Hasn’t ever seen or no longer sees America as a “Christian” country
  • Attack Trump from get go and keep him on edge with attacks of racism, fraud, etc regardless if true or not.
    • Remember former DEM leader Harry Reid later admitted to lying about Romney back in 2012 that he had IRS trouble…there is a track record of them doing this stuff that goes back years
  • Use Trumps weakness (his mouth) against himself
  • Ensure Biden is candidate and that Harris is selected as running mate to gain black vote
  • Keep Biden out of the public eye as much as possible
  • Distract the media from Biden to Trump or other issues
  • Use the media to create civil unrest and increase racial tensions
    • Womens Movement DC protests
    • Kavanaugh Hearings protests
    • Protest nearly every month for every reason imaginable all heightened by overblown media coverage
    • Migrant caravan (stopped the day after mid term elections)
    • Infiltrate Trump rallies with impostors that in turn make Trump supports look bad (this was done during his campaigning as well)
  • Align with leaders of Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter) all of which support the Great Reset movement
  • Ensure 2020 election is won by votes:
    • Four years to figure out how to “do whatever it takes” to win…to be interpreted
    • Make sure necessary states make it easier to vote by mail, etc
    • Find volunteers from coast to coast that empathize with “whatever it takes mentality”
    • Meet and work with voting machine/software makers to assist with “whatever it takes” – ensure what is done is untraceable

January –

  1.  “The Great Reset” concept and platform was introduced and embraced by the powers to be at DAVOS.
  2. The road block according to them from fully launching their platform around the world? Donald Trump. He initially rejected invitation but finally decided to attend and spoke. He basically gave them the middle finger saying “To embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse,” 
  3. Trump attended DAVOS begrudgingly and essentially told the members America would not participate and America didn’t to subject itself to the rest of the world.
  4. Who announces a new virus is found in China.

February –

  1. First case of Covid19 in US
  2. Reports of massive death count in China from Covid19
  3. Trump closes travel and borders – Dems respond by calling him xenophobic
  4. Trump accuses China for letting virus happen – Dems defend China and call out US President for using term “china virus” when in fact it was a virus from China.


  1. NBA, NHL, NCAA, Houston Rodeo, MLB all suspend operations
  2. Various states issue stay-home orders for two weeks to curve the spread of virus
  3. All eyes are on virus and Trump. Election and Biden are nearly forgotten.
  4. Virus spreads and hot spots are mainly in the North

April –

  1. Covid19 owns center stage with a all media coverage taking spotlight off Biden and fully on Trump who is doing daily press briefings
  2. World in basic lockdowns at this point
  3. Hydroxychloroquine controversy – the beginning of pushing the only real solution is a “vaccine”

May –

  1. Black Lives Matter becomes from center stage cause after death of George Floyd –

Summer of Fear & Distraction –

  1. Everything in media is focused on Covid19 fears, nationwide riots in various major cities, need for a vaccine, Trumps response to it all and global shut downs.
  2. Rioters in these cities are backed & funded by the likes of Siros and others. The BLM movement is hijacked for political purposes almost immediately. Trump is blamed for it all.
  3. Economy begins to tank
  4. Biden is nowhere to be seen – kept hidden from nearly all media – so he doesn’t have to speak, share who his VP pick would be, etc. All focus was on Trump and Covid.
  5. Biden wins DNC nomination and later picks Harris as his VP, someone that couldn’t even get one delegate vote from her own party and is considered the most liberal, anti-God politician in DC.

October –

  • Fox’ Chris Wallace gives one of the worst moderator performances in the history of TV debates with complete slanted questions, baiting Trump.
  • Trump ran his mouth and fell into the trap making himself look terrible.


  • Certain states relax rules for mail in voting – most doing so illegally.
  • Election night fiasco –
    • Trump has pattern of starting off behind in almost every important state but gaining the lead much later.
    • Fox calls Arizona way early and Chris Wallace once again makes numerous anti-Trump comments.
    • At around 10:30pm CST, at nearly the same exact time, votes stop being counted in AZ, WI, MI, PA and GA. Told they would finish the next morning. Since when does a Presidential election not finish counting the same day?????
    • Trump was gaining in each of those states.
    • Following days Biden wins each of those.
    • How did they win?
      • Illegal mail in votes, vote tampering (just enough to not be noticed), some grassroots, naming a woman VP solely because of skin color, ballot tampering/destruction, illegal votes…just enough of each.  
  • Democrats call for Trump to concede almost immediately and says it is unpatriotic to not do so (despite their own taking months to count votes in 2000)
  • The media begin to spin the poor image of Trump being a sore loser.


  • Affidavits and reports of voter fraud around the country are reported by the thousands.
  • No hard evidence can be found of fraud can be found however
  • Media ruthlessly hammers message of Trump being sore loser though he had every legal right to purse the truth
  • GOP RINOs (not real conservatives – establishment, career politicians) align against Trump and don’t come to his defense. They wanted him gone too. Swamp.

January –

  • Capital riot occurs and though most Trump supports were not a part of it and many fought against those few radicals doing the damage, media ignored this and made false claims that Trump orchestrated this riot.
  • Game over. The DC swamp and the establishment finally got their man.

President Joe Biden – #46

Unanswered Questions…

Why isn’t Covid19 called the Wohan Virus? Viruses are always named for the region or thing in which they come.

Was Covid19 released by China on purpose to hurt the world, but most importantly the USA?

Is this really a pandemic and if not, who was behind making everyone believe it should be?

Is Covid19 really more contagious than the normal flu or other flu like viruses?

Is Covid19 so deadly that we should shut down the world and the world economy?

If real reason for the shutdowns to protect the vulnerable and keep hospitals from overflowing?

  • Build more hospitals – probably cheaper – aging large population
  • The vulnerable are out and about putting themselves at risk
  • If masks work, then they should be protecting the vulnerable from getting it

Is there a movement to reduce population and to “reset humanity”?

Why is Bill Gates suddenly an expert on viruses and farmland?

What was the only way Trump could lose the election?

  • Our enemies feared us again, economy was rolling like never before
  • Fear, Racism and Fraud
  • Trump being Trump (debate #1)

Is Trump really a racist?

Did the DNC use Fauci, China and others to use Covid19 to turn Americans against Trump?

Would the DNC do “anything” to defeat trump?

Is it possible that voting fraud occurred?

  • Election night…never stopped before
  • 4 years to plan it
  • Briefcases of money behind closed doors…has happened since time began
  • Untraceable, little real evidence
  • Amount of Biden voters seems impossible
    • He didn’t even campaign
    • No event energy when he did
    • Trump rallies

If masks work, why are more getting the virus when everyone has been wearing them for months?

What happened to all the riots and Black Lives Matter?

Why does the DNC now talk about “working together” and “unity”?

Why are there not more blacks in the GOP?

  • Fear
  • Racism
    • SC justice
    • Collin Powell had to convert
    • Herman Cain
    • Ben Carson

Why are they calling it a vaccine when in medical terms it is really an experiential drug since formal testing has not been completed?

Why are so many so willing to allow something without such testing be put in their bodies?

How long until you can’t work or go anywhere without proving you have had the vaccine?

I said Moderna would be one of the vaccine makers back in March and now they are…why?

Why do democrats justify their own actions, but when conservatives do the same thing they scream and shout?

What happens to Trump now?

Where will his supporters go and what happens to the GOP?

I could go on…

My Biden Predictions….

  1. Economy will stay strong and he will take credit for what Trump actually did
  2. Gas prices will rise
  3. Jobs will flatten
  4. Covid cases and deaths will decrease by the end of 2021
  5. Harris will take over within first term
  6. Calls for unity will be made but only if you agree with them…
  7. They will increase our debt even more
  8. Millions more will be granted citizenship and/or voting rights
  9. China will be bragged about and fully embraced
  10. Deals with IRAN will happen
  11. Israel will be a target of US angst once again
  12. The Trump hate will amplify and his supporters will be vilified the entire term

Have Fun America!