Kids Start New Journey

Hard to believe it, but school has started back up, temps are down, football is back and Christmas is about 90 days away.

This year is the first year our kids started home schooling too. So far, so good. They are getting into a groove and Julie is getting the hang of it this first go around. Their social life is busy too with new baseball and soccer seasons in full swing, with Friday co-op school and Wednesday church group activities. The great thing about it is they get done early, schedules are flexible so I can see them more and they get to focus on what needs to be focused on.

Quinn started real baseball this fall and is doing great. So good for him too. Girls started soccer this morning. They love it and they love their coach. She’s great!

Now real updates on things with Zane in a while. We are “in line” and waiting at this point. We do get to start sending care packages though! Can’t wait to go over there and bring him home.

So glad to have football back though my Astros and Rangers are doing great and battling it out this year. But let’s go Bears and let’s go Cowboys!

My name is Brady Speers and life is good!

It’s Been 20 Years

Yea. Two decades. That’s how long it’s been since this city and everyone I know has been this jacked up about a Dallas Cowboys team and playoff game.

Cowboys vs. Packers – Lambeau Field, Sunday. Noon. Divisional Round. Winner goes to the NFC Championship game.

The 1967 NFL Championship Game, aka the “Ice Bowl” was the last time these two teams met in Green Bay with so much on the line. It’s been since 1995 that anyone around here believed this team might have something special going on. Heck it was 21 years ago when 1310am The Ticket started up and I listened to Gordo get arrested on the field the week of a big regular season game between these two. That’s how long it;s been. I was 25.

Twenty long, Jerry Jones controlled years.

At the beginning of the season I had this team going 6-10. Instead they went 12-4. So…in light of that negative, reverse mojo, I have the Cowboys losing this game 37-17. No chance.

Either way. I am proud of this team this year. It’s about dang time NFL football be fun around here again.

Let’s do this. #Finishthefight

Cowboys Update – Me Thinks This Week Will Tell Us

Just a few months ago I had this team going 5-11 and here we are sitting at 6-3, having beat the likes of New Orleans and Seattle (in Seattle!).

But the last two weeks we have stepped back to a degree. This week we play a dead Jacksonville team in England. This is a MUST win and a better win game. Lose this and my guess is a collapse is around the corner. Win and you’re 7-3 and ready for a push to the playoffs.

Hard to believe, but it has been a fun, exciting year after all. Who would have thought.

Maybe this team is different. This weekend we will know…

Jerry Jones Can Thank Someone Else for His Marketing Machine

I have to admit. I have admired Jerry Jones’ business expertise to a degree over the years – but only from a non-football perspective. Let’s face it…he took the Cowboys when they were dying in the late 80s and made them into the world powerhouse they are today. Forbes recently calculated the Cowboys worth more than 3B. Yea, that’s a big deal.

But, let me also say this: as the years of losing have gone from 5, to 10, to 15 and now to nearly 20 without much of anything for us die-hard fans, I’ve finally decided Jerry is actually just one lucky, clueless fool. The sports world and media rave about Jerry and all he has done for the game (yea, like free agency, parody and pole dancers at games – nice Jerry, real nice). Yes, he has a huge money making machine and he has done well with what has been given to him. But that’s just it.

It has been given to him.

Without Jimmy Johnson NONE of this would have ever happened. The only thing Jerry can be thankful to himself for, was hiring the man that paved the way for the three, long-ago, SuperBowl wins back in the early 90s. Yea, 20 years and counting….

It is laughable to think had the Cowboys not won during those years that Jerry would have even made it to the new century without going bankrupt. Fact is all of these business deals (ATT, Victoria, Hublot, Ford, Secret, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, NCAA, WMA, MMA, and concerts galore) would never have taken place if not for those few winning years.

Those winning seasons revived the Cowboys brand…not Jerry Jones. And those winning season were thanks 100% to Jimmy Johnson and his football genius. Without the winning, America’s Team would have died a slow death. Losing does that.

Because of the winning Jerry could build his empire. Because of the winning he was able to loans to finance Jerry World. Because of winning TV ratings sky rocketed and the Cowboys legend grew even bigger. Because of winning Jerry could get millions of dollars in business deals and arrangements made.

All of this because of all the winning. Winning Jerry Jones only had one part in – the hiring of Jimmy.

Winning changes everything.

If only Jerry could go back in time and figure that out, then maybe I could give him credit for where credit’s due. But until them, he is just one lucky son-of-a-gun. I’ll still cheer for the team itself, but honestly, I can’t wait for the day when Jerry is no longer allowed to be Jerry.

500 owners with that kinda luck could have become what Jerry and the Cowboys machine is today.

This Cowboys Fan is Prepared For…The Worst

After 3 pre-season games, including the “dress rehearsal”, I have concluded that I should keep my expectations down.

This 8-8 team is likely going to be even worse that it has been. In the words of Bill Parcells…”you are what you are”…and this Cowboys version is no different than what it has been.

And my guess, is it will be even worse.

Sadly, until Jerry Jones passes on to the next plane in life, this is what us Cowboys fans are relegated to.

Sigh….go Broncos?



Cowboys Training Camp

brady speers dallas cowboys training campThe 95th season of the NFL is less than two months away, and Dallas fans are ready. Sure, AT&T Stadium had a few thousand fans to watch the World Cup on a screen, but soon it’ll be packed with real energy. The question is, how will the Cowboys fare this year? Training camp is underway, and we’re starting to get information about the team and what they’re focused

First and foremost, fans want to know about Tony Romo. It’s been about half a year since he had surgery for a herniated disk, his second back procedure in under a year for the 34-year-old quarterback.

Romo says he’s doing very well. He wasn’t participating in team drills last spring, but he was present and active, throwing and taking snaps. The year before, he was idle in the spring, and was just getting moving in July. This means we have the potential for a great season for our starting QB. This summer he’ll be focusing on more fine-tuning. Considering his excellent season last year, we’re on a path that could lead to a really incredible season. There is a reason to be excited about this.

Then there’s linebacker Sean Lee. During offseason practice, he tore is left anterior cruciate ligament…he will be missing the entire season. The Cowboys don’t have another linebacker who can replace Lee in terms of performance, but they’re still opting to fill the spot with in-house players. This will be a hit to the defense.

There’s still time for the team to find a replacement, before the end of training camp. Analysts seem to think that an experienced veteran is what the team needs as a replacement. The team picked up two young linebackers in rounds 4 and 6 of the draft, DeVonte Holloman and Anthony Hitchens. Hitchens is still being developed and isn’t quite ready to start, Holloman suffered a spinal contusion in practice after a great performance late last season.

On strategy, the Cowboys have some goals for themselves. Last season they gained 4.5 yards per carry, the eighth highest in the NFL. DeMarco Murray rushed 1,000 yards, the first time the team has seen a running stat like that since 2006.

Despite these running stats, and others, the team really didn’t feature running plays. Dallas is still among the teams with the fewest carries per game (only Atlanta carries less). Scott Lineham, the new play-caller for the Cowboys, ran a pass-heavy game in Detroit over the past five years.

The team seems to be aware that there may be an advantage to running more. Consider this interesting stat – when DeMarco Murray runs the ball at least 20 times, the Cowboys were 11-0 last season. There’s a lot of running plays going on in training camp right now.

Over the course of the offseason, the team said goodbye to DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher. Since then, the entire defensive line has been rebuilt. There are still a lot of decisions to be made about the lineup because of Henry Melton and Anthony Spencer. Each missed most of last season because of injuries. Melton is ready for training, and is expected to start in September.

Spencer is still recovering from knee surgery, an uncommon microfracture, a surgery that players rarely come back from. He’ll be present at training camp, but he won’t be participating for a while. Most are not expecting him to play in the first six games, at least.

Until we know the status of these two players for sure, the defense lineup won’t be set in stone.