Christmas Pictures!

What a great time of year Christmas always is…..this year was exceptionally fun as we got to spend time here instead of traveling! The family came to us! The girls were a blast this year too as they really got into it for the first time. Though, they still aren’t pals with Santa just yet!

See our website for pictures which will be added soon!


2006 Family Visit to HPU and Brownwood!

Now, Brownwood is not a place normally one thinks of to “get away” from it all during the holidays…..but for us, it was nice to go ANYWHERE, after being locked up in the house all week long with the girls having colds!

We did though, and it was a blast. Just a great, fun way to end one year and get ready for the New Year.

We got to see Clint, Alyssa, Brianna (their 13mth old daughter), and Pat. It was such a fun day that include Underwoods for lunch, touring of the massive HPU campus (sarcassim) and then some farm animal fun!

Christmas Time Is Here!

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s hot in Texas so it really is hard to get into it all, but then again, it could snow tomorrow!

Have a great holiday – be safe – send us a card – and Happy New Year!

New pictures and videos have been uploaded to our website!