You Only Get to Do This Once

This week I got to spend some one on one time with my son Quinn. That doesn’t happen enough as a busy dad trying make ends meet and staying busy. The girls and Julie spent the week at church camp, so I took some time to spend with him. In a matter of weeks he will be 8. I know I will blink and he will be 18. My girls turn 10 in 60 days.

I love being a dad.

Many of my friends have older kids that are already young adults and out of the house. My own niece is cranking out college and that is mind bending too.

One day he won’t be my only son as we are adopting again but he will always be my first son.  So it’s important that this bond always remains strong. After all, what is life more about than making sure family is first? God gave them to me and it’s my job to love, protect and cherish them. They are gifts and I am fully aware of that daily.

One day my littles won’t be little and that already saddens me. Time never stands still.

Kids aren’t kids long and though we will always be their parents, this time in our lives will only happen once. And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Though I’m sure I will have regrets (no one is perfect) I can only hope I never regret not spending more time with them now. In the end careers, jobs, money, things, sports, busyness and the like won’t matter a hill of beans.

Life is good and being a parent makes it even better. If you are one, don’t ever forget that.

Kids aren’t kids long and cherish them we must.


I am Brady Speers. I am a father of four and I married an amazing woman named Julie. I have degrees from both Howard Payne University and Baylor University. We live in wonderful little town south of Dallas/Fort Worth and I get to help people plan safe retirements and I love spending time as a dad. I’m blessed to have an amazing family close by and tons of awesome friends. We have two dogs (Charlie and Zoe) and my pastimes include sports, photography and writing. One day my book “No Bones About It” will get published. If only time would stand still long enough. Check my personal page out at