Breast Bombs

It’s really no secret that this world would simply not be the same if not for breasts. Come on. Be real. Admit it. God knew what he was doing when he added that special feature to the woman’s body. Large or small, they are special. Even David in Song of Solomon spoke of their precious beauty…

But now a new twist on these attributes is down right scary and appaling all in one.

Apparently terrorists are now training women to use explosive breast implants in order to avoid detection and blow up planes and the like.

Jesus please return soon.

I know the line of men will likely be out the door for the new security jobs certainly to become available to check for such explosive devises, but in all seriousness, is there any end to these maniacs?

I just wish they would leave our breasts and our planes alone.


Hope & Change is Just Turning Into Change

It is no secret after more than a year in office that President Obama is no different than all of those before him when it comes to breaking campaign promises and pursing his own agenda. He is a liar like most before him and he could careless what the majority think.

The problem is he makes Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter look like the founders of the conservative movement. Barack Obama is spending us into oblivion and it appears he will stop at nothing until every drop of ink is spent at the mints.

Yea, I know. We are the morons that fell for his “Hope & Change” campaign spin when in reality all he had in mind was “change”. And boy, do we have change.

I fear for the society, values and debt Quinn, Chloe and Sidney will face when they are sitting here reading this entry in 25-30 years. Will America remain? Will “conservatism” be dead and gone? Will this be the time in which they will look back on as the date America turned into all the rest?

We have to work and pray to save our land between now and November. We can’t stop him, but we can slow him down.

He now runs the banks, he runs student loans, he runs the auto industry, he runs the housing market, he controls the insurance companies, and he wants to run immigration and Wall Street next. Anyone out there think of some countries that run everything? You laugh, but are we any different now?

Let’s just hope we can return the change.