2012 Year in Review

This year went so fast I almost feel like it’s supposed to be 2011 all over again. I am sue most others feel the same. Truly amazing that another year is gone though I believe I say this ever year these days.

Life for us was great in 2012 – way better than 2011 when I made the decision to shut down a 10 year old health insurance business I had seen grow from the ground up. It was just time to give 100% of my efforts to our retirement income planning firm. We really didn’t know what to expect in 2012 but it was probably one of my favorite years in business of all time. Met so many great new clients all over Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas and truly enjoy spending 100% of my time and efforts helping other people. No more big employee headaches like before. Just a nice, simple operation – though we do now have offices in Dallas area and Houston with San Antonio likely next year and maybe Oklahoma City too. Needless to say, stress level has decreased big time and having more fun than ever.

Julie’s involved in two different ventures – Crown Jewels gold parties and Julie’s cakepops. (see facebook for more) She helped us big time financially this year and was very proud to play a part. She did all of this while watching a friend’s baby during the week too – little Baylor. Cutest little girl on the planet! Not sure what all Julie is gonna do in 2013 but one thing is for sure, those cakepops better not be going anywhere.

We began the house remodeling process too since the place is 10 years old and in need of some big updates. First in store was some landscape work followed by Julie’s dream kitchen. If you haven’t seen it, all I can say is “wow”. She designed it with some input of course but it looks amazing. Took me 10 years, but we finally got it done. Next in line is the flooring, some paint, some more landscape work and little nicknacks and maybe the house will be good for another decade. The kids and dogs have taken their toll over the years and with this economy we aren’t likely going anywhere for a “lonnnnnnggggg” time so this is it.

Life itself was good in 2012 as we enjoyed our annual trip to Galveston and visited the new Pleasure Pier (awesome), had a quick getaway to Vegas, attended our fist “Korea Camp” for Quinn in Tulsa, OK, made a trip up to Denver to see some friends and meet Quinn’s foster sister, hit the State Fair just before Big Tex flamed out, and Julie and I wrapped up the year with a journey to Atlantis down in Bermuda for our 10th anniversary. (It’s not until April, but I won the trip from a provider so we made it work. Amazing place too!) We also got to take in some Rangers games again this year, made it to Howard Payne University homecoming for the first time in years and even took the kids to their first Baylor football game with some SHSU friends.

It’s hard to believe Chloe and Sidney are half way done with first grade, but they are. They are growing like mad and are even more inseparable than ever. Identical twin thing is hard to explain. But they have friends too and their personalities are hilarious. It’s fun to watch them. Quinn is a superstar. That’s the only way to put it. Everyone knows and loves Quinn. When he hits the elementary next year for kindergarten it’s gonna be a treat to watch. He is such a good kid and that little dude has the memory of a computer! Unreal. He loved soccer and loves to sing. The girls hated soccer but they love singing too. But all three hate most toys, love stuffed animals and playing in their craft room. It’s a weird thing. The three of them do get along great for the most part. We talked for awhile about a 4th but I think we are settling into this being “our family”. I’m happy with it. Then again…

The dogs survived. Poor Max is 14 this year and blind as all get out. He’s happy though and for the most part you wouldn’t know. Charlie is a mess. Funniest dog ever. Talks to us all the time and is so playful. Tons of personality. Big time. We just love boxers and are thankful he has been a big part of helping us get over our loss of Sam in 2011.

Though the election was a complete deja vu Obummer and America will now forever be changed…who gives rip. (that was tongue in cheek of course) But seriously, liberals have taken over and when their system of socialism completely comes full circle and demoralizes the very ones that think it’s the greatest-idea-never-tried-before and when the GOP decides to modernize and stop propping up old rich guys as their candidate, maybe just maybe conservative ways will once again rule. For now I’m gonna bury my head in the sand to a degree and get back to sports being my drug – though I need real drugs to help me deal with most of my sorry sports teams…poor Astros. No one can deny the Jerry Jones curse against my Cowboys isn’t alive and well…

In all, we are both blessed beyond words to have had the year we did. It wasn’t really expected but so many great things occurred and it was such a turnaround from all I have been dealing with since 2009. You just can’t imagine how happy I am and how much better it is. God is always good. If you’re in a valley, pray to get out and trust He will get you out because He will.

Oh yea, one huge thing I forgot. “Revenge of the Forks” came out this fall. Amazing horror movie the fellas and I put together starting back in 2007. Yea took us 5 years to finish this 8 minute adventure. Love my fellas. Go check it out. You won’t forget it…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBtwEPJJUws&list=PL41E4D98B58FA682E&index=12

One thing to watch for: there will be another Speers music video hitting the scene sometime in early 2013. You have already been given a big hint. It’s gonna rock and be very funny. Kids are practicing now…

Merry Christmas everyone. Yea, I said CHRISTmas. Imagine that.

Love you all!