Texas Stadium is Amazing

Don’t get me wrong, as a season ticket and former suite owner at Texas Stadium, I am not down with new pricing structure of the new stadium at all, but “WOW!” as all anyone can say when seeing it go up right in front of their eyes like we are. We are the generation watching this thing be built and it is truly amazing.

I have been taking photos every 6 months or so, and here is a recent update. Look at the men working on this thing!!

Why We Believe

Christianity is truly set apart from all of the other religious systems the world offers.

1. No other religion promises eternal life based on the works of God alone. All the others are based on the works of man.
2. In other religions one must die to get to God. In Christianity, God died to get to man.
3. Unlike other religious leaders, Jesus could relate to everything we go through – stress, pain, betrayal, injustice, temptation.
4. Only in Christianity did the Savior die for its followers. In all of the others, one must die for its selfish savior.
5. Only Jesus rose again. All of the other supposed “saviors” are all still dead in their graves.

It’s really that simple.

That’s why we believe.

For more proof: check out this investigative report about Jesus by Lee Strobel, former Legal Editor of the Chicago Tribune. http://www.leestrobel.com/

Daddy Day

Took Chloe and Sidney each on their own Daddy Day time over the last few days. Was a ton of fun. Took Chloe out Saturday because Sidney was sick. We went to Home Depot (home peepo) and bought some rakes, flowers (fallas) and we ate at Grandy’s. She had a blast and has talked about it non-stop for 3 days.

Last night I took Sidney out adn we ate at Quizznos, then went to Petco and Target. She thought Petco was the zoo since there were so many animals to see. She has not stopped talking about seeing a turtle, bunny rabbit and finding the new box of straws we bought at Target.

I love daddy days as much as they do!

Our First Korean Meal

Now, please know my wife will eat just about anything. I, on the other hand, am another story all together!

But, in our first steps of becoming Korean, we had dinner with some new Dillon friends last weekend (they are from Southlake and are adopting a girl from South Korea as well), at this true Korean restaurant in Dallas called “Sura”.

There is a neat Korean area of Dallas where there are tons of stores (with food that might cause your eyes to bug out) and little cafes and Korean BBQs a plenty. Sura was very nice and the food was different yet good. The meat they serve was actually VERY good! Thank God too, cause I was getting worried…

It Feels Like Home

There is a new water tower in town. In this town that is. Not my home town mind you, but town to once was my home; for just a few years anyway.

As I drove into town I noticed the new water tower first with its beaming statement, “It Feels Like Home” proudly painted in all caps.

Brownwood, Texas. Home sweet home.

It’s been a few years since my eyes have roamed the old streets of where I spent my college days at Howard Payne University. What days they were too; filled with all kinds of experiences, relationships and puredee fun.

That was 17 years ago this spring. I guess that’s more than “a few”. But, to me it seems like just a few.

I decided to take a quick road trip from my busy life in Dallas and spend a few days down here in no-mans-land. I barely have cell phone signal here for goodness sakes and the radio stations still have two choices, country AND western, that is. Some things just never change.

People have asked me, “why in the heck are you going to Brownwood!?” Honestly, my answers make sense to me, but to those who hear them, I get nothing but weird stares, so my reply has been, “It’s a long story.”

In a strange way, since 1991, this place has just always felt like home to me. When I need a break, need to think, or just need to get away, Brownwood is here for me.

And this is one of those times.

I just need to think. I need to connect with myself and with God, even if for just a few hours tonight and tomorrow before I head home. And this is the place I know best to do just that.

Years ago it was here that I would sit in my car with the moon roof open starring at the stars and thinking about life while discussing my concerns with God. It was here we could make our way out to the lake and build a small fire without getting in trouble. It was here we could still shoot fireworks off each year. It was here that I could focus. It was here that I really didn’t worry about much more than whom I was going to date next. It was here that life was about friends, serving God, prayer, having fun and preparing for life.

And life is in full swing for me and my family.

The last time I was here my life was about to be changed drastically. My twin daughters, Chloe and Sidney were on their way. Everything was going to be different, but it would also be much better.

My wife and I are once again at the point in which a historical marker could be placed. Our son Quinn, born just 7 months ago outside of Seoul, South Korea, will be coming home with us in a matter of weeks. Paperwork for his adoption is being finalized, all attorneys have been paid and the wait for our travel call is on. Any day, we will be preparing to jump on a Korean Air 14 hour flight all the way around the world. We will cry, be amazed, thank God and head home just days later, never to be the same again.

When we get back, we will be a family of seven; two girls, one boy and yes, two dogs.

And, I cannot wait!

So, before the rush is on, I needed some time. Time to get ready. Time to think about some decisions I need to make. Time to thank God for all He has given to me. I am gonna pray, relax, think, eat at Underwoods for lunch tomorrow, and get ready for the rest of the ride life has in store.

Brownwood – it will never be home for you. It will never be home for my wife or kids. But to me, it feels like home, at least for tonight.

Huckabee Says Goodbye

After months and months of campaigning, and singing a great song few got a chance to really hear and study, Mike Huckabee has bowed out of the Presidential race and handed over the GOP to John McCain.

Huckabee is a former pastor, who has a heart for God, America and faith-based values but with little money, a much smaller staff than most and little media support he decided tonight his race was over. As he said, he fought a good fight and we are proud to have supported him and been deeply involved in the democratic process this incredible nation gives us.

Now it is time we get behind John and remain strong.

Oh momma, please not Obama.

Click here for my new conservative blog and some shocking details about this man people are fainting over.