What Set Baby Jesus Apart

The Angel said to Joseph …”you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” (Luke 1:21)

No other spiritual leader. No other religious icon. No other system guru. Not Gandhi. Not Muhammed. Not Buddha. Not Confucius. Not Krishna.

None of them had the mission to “save their people from their sins”.

Only one in the history of history came with the purpose to be a Savior to those that had no means to save themselves.

I don’t know about you, but this 2020 Christmas Eve, I’m certain of two things. One, if the world ever needed saving 2020 is the year for it. Two, I certainly sin and unless you’re the next Baby Jesus, you’re right there with me.

When the angel spoke to Joseph late one night, he became the first man to understand just who his baby was going to be. Unlike any before him or any after, this baby was going to save the world from itself. No need for mindless acts of prayer 3 times a day facing towards mecca…no need for trying earn your way to heaven by riding a bike around in a suit and tie for two years…no need for hoping you’re been a “good enough person” to earn your spot in eternity…no need for the lies of scientology, worthless hours of cross legged meditation, or the misguided thoughts of “secular relativism”.

Jesus would be and is all we all need. He did it all without you, but he did it all for you.

All you have to do is believe.

Merry Christmas.

Pastor, It’s Time to Take a Lap

I knew after he had a heart attack last year that this day was going to come sooner than any of us wanted to. You can’t run a church you have overseen that has grown from just 30 members to over 3000 without it taking its toll on your body. His mind might be willing but the body just wasn’t gonna take it much longer.

So, our Pastor, Randy Weeaks, retired yesterday.

I’ve been a member of a church my entire life. I was raised that Sunday belonged to God and my butt better be there. Sure, I skip out here and there and sometimes I really do want to just sleep in, but after all the Lord has done for me over the years the least I can do is give him a few hours of my focus, worship and time with my fellow believers each week.

During that time I have had numerous preachers or pastors I have led by. Most of them have been great men that enriched my life in some form. Growing up in Houston Brother Judson Edwards was the first pastor that truly made that kind of impact. What he did with that little church south of Houston and those people, most of whom we still call friends all these decades later, was truly a work of God.

But no one will ever be another Pastor Randy.


I don’t even have words to say honestly. He is hilarious, down to earth, loving, strong, bold, compassionate and a great visionary leader. Everything about him points people to the love of God.

We have been members of Walnut Ridge Baptist Church for 11 years now. My kids love the place and we have lifelong friends there now that have made a huge impact on our lives. As a group they helped us during one of our worst financial times as we were adopting Zane and trying to get him home. All of this because we had a pastor that demanded that we love each other and that we love the world around us.

I could write for days about who he was and the things he did, but unless you were around him this would just be another article about a good man. But in our day and age when so many Christians in the church are viewed as hypocrites (and yes most of us sure can be!) and in an age when too many Christian “leaders” are seen building “their own” kingdoms instead of building God’s kingdom, I had to share.

Coming from spending nearly a decade at the big blue roof church down the road where we were essentially booted out and threatened with a lawsuit by the pastor because I confronted him for financially screwing over a friend of ours in our class, Pastor Randy was like a shock to my system. My family and I had been mortally wounded by that experience and even I began wondering if there were any real churches left anymore.

I’ll never forget the Sunday I went by myself and we had just gotten home with Quinn from South Korea. Pastor Randy had completely changed the format of that Sunday morning so that he could focus the time that morning on adopting children. After the service I went up and introduced myself and told him we had just adopted and gotten home a few days ago. The very next Sunday we came back and he walked right up to Quinn and said “this must be Quinn?” and loved on him.

That’s my Randy story and 11 years later he hasn’t changed at all. He’s been like a father figure from stage all these years and in so many ways reminded me of my dad all the time. (For those of you that knew my father, just imagine some of the funny things he said coming from your pastor. They were cut of the same mold. For example, Randy would talk about when he and Doris started dating….he said they were “sniffing around on each other”. That was our Pastor Randy.)

Now he is moving on to the next phase God has for him and his amazing wife Doris. They are starting a new ministry called “Why Not Bless” and we will certainly be big supporters. I can only imagine the lives they will touch and change and I will encourage everyone I know to stand behind them and help them help others.

His legacy in Mansfield will live on. From the annual “Beast Feast” to “Community Outreach Days” each year and to the countless organizations he helped launch from Mansfield helping people all over the world, Randy has left us with the challenge of the great commission; showing others the love of God by being real, giving and embracing joy and laughter. Our good friend Erik Irby is set to take the baton and keep us all going forward into the next generation for Walnut Ridge and for that we are blessed and excited.

Pastor Randy was just a good ‘ol boy from Comanche, Oklahoma, who God supplanted from redneck country right into the heart of the Metroplex. His impact over the last 26 years will remain for decades to come as he “takes a lap” down into Granbury, Texas,  where he can spend some more time fishing for those elusive catfish.

Randy, my family is gonna miss you big time my brother. God speed. We will forever be “your people”.

Yes, Donald Trump Is a Tool

No doubt about it. President Donald Trump is a tool. He was a tool before he got elected and 18 months later I think nearly everyone can agree he’s a tool; one way or the other.

Yes he’s a bullying, womanizing, demeaning, weird, ego maniac. His mouth is a proverbial conduit of wonder and amazement in most days. Just when you think you’re heard it all…right? He says things that blow your mind and make you nearly pull your hair out. Oh Lord, there’s really no telling what kind of morally questionable things he’s done in his personal life all these years being one of the richest guys in the world since we can remember. But he’s kind of like your favorite restaurant….you really don’t want to go back there and see the kitchen do you?


Honestly, as an entrepreneur there isn’t a lot for me to hang on to either. He’s certainly a success story and that can’t be taken away from him. But, like some people I know who either work for their father or were given their fathers’ business, he was handed success in a bottle to a degree. He had access to millions to start his career. He can’t relate to the “small business owners” like me with no capital to lean on; no endless bank account or American Express card paid by dad, no robust salary to lean on no matter what happens, and the sleepless nights wondering how the electric bills gets paid the next day. That wasn’t his lot or his journey down Success Ave. So be it.

In his defense, I do admire his bullish attitude and mindset, and he has an amazing ability to overcome what people think and move on. When facing business failures (and like most of us true entrepreneurs he’s had a few), he has been able to recover and rebuild. He seems to have a strong family that love each other and are smarter than most of us combined. That says more about him that most give him credit for – yes even if that’s a product of his lovely bride!


Of course liberals, and many so-called “conservatives” or “libertarians” have about lost their minds over him. It’s just silly and comical. He laid the trap and they have taken the bait and ran with it. In the process of spewing their hate, they alienate themselves more and more from millions of swing voters. It’s one thing to share your angst or dislike of our President. It’s another to call for violence against him and his supporters, call the First Lady a “b*tch” or “c*nt”, make his daughter sound like the spawn of Satan, not to mention burning American flags. The DNC has become a bastion of far left progressives with no middle ground and an apparent lack of professional discourse. The MMS (main stream media) is their pawn and fans those fires minute by minute each day. Meanwhile, Trumps sits back and laughs at their folly. And that’s the irony. The man who invented folly now giggles at those doing the very thing they hate on him for doing. They hate his hate, so the respond in hate. Crazy right?


There’s a pure revolt over Trump and who he is. He’s made heads spin and the moral police are in full tactical gear. All of a sudden he’s the most strange, vile, vulgar, mean, hateful, arrogant President we have ever had. It’s “shameful” and embarrassing” they scream. The office of the President is supposed to be revered and held by one just a step below Jesus… apparently. But let’s take a quick walk down Presidential History Ave and see that Trump might be the worst of the worse, but we’ve certainly had our share of Presidential blowhards and evil doers (this list does not include administration scandals either).

  • President Clinton – Monica Lewinsky and womanizer
  • President Andrew Johnson – was a drunk
  • President Reagan – sought insight from astrologist and mediums
  • President Harding – his term was full of affairs, corruption and ineptness including his visits to strip shows
  • President Roosevelt – had on going affair during his term – his wife’s secretary at that
  • President Cleveland  – married a girl in the White House he was guardian over
  • President Adams – skinny dipped in the river often
  • President Tyler – fathered 15 kids with two different women
  • President Obama – had an anti-American pastor for 20 years and was friends with a domestic terrorist
  • President Jefferson – had numerous affairs, including one with the half sister of his own wife
  • President Truman – in a letter written to wife said “he went n**gr” chasing in Africa”
  • President LBJ – was known as a total jerk….also called his penis “Jumbo” and proudly displayed it often to staff members and the like
  • President FDR – was behind the anti-homosexual movement called the Newport Sex Scandal
  • President Pierce – was a total party animal and drunk
  • President Kennedy – cheated on his wife and likely the biggest womanizer ever

*Honorable mention – Vice President Burr – killed someone with a gun, while in office!

Now, none of this gives Trump any excuse to be the tool he is and he certainly can be. But at the same time, people need to get off their moral high road. Especially those woman out there I see that have flaunted their own bodies all over social media for years and yet spew their hate for Trump because of what he has said about woman. Give me a break. Let’s remember we have all sinned. Let’s pull the log out of our own eyes first.


Political strategy requires thinking beyond the here and now. Sometimes in life you have to do what you don’t want to do now so that you can have what you really wanted to have later. Donald Trump was and is a long term play from the get-go for us real conservatives. Does anyone really think we were all that excited about a man that singled handedly ruined the good ol’ USFL?? I mean come on. Yet, he is an ends to a mean and right now that mean is getting closer and closer.

Trump was timed perfectly. People were and remain tired of the Establishment strong hold in both parties and we will see that in 2018 and again in 2020, especially with the GOP. He’s the total opposite. And we took advantage of that, much like Obama did by taking advantage of being the first black President. Neither Trump nor Obama should have been elected but both were. Obama was a tool himself; being used to reduce our military, weaken our foreign alliances, increase our debt, establish government healthcare, and appoint liberal pro-abortion judges. Trump is the opposite for us true conservatives and we knew that going in to vote.

For me I have always said, the only matter regarding our politics that Jesus really cares about are the protection of the unborn. Roe vs. Wade needs to be overturned immediately. Jesus doesn’t care about our taxes, our roads, who has health insurance or not, our open or closed borders or foreign affairs (outside of Israel of course). But he does care about us allowing millions of babies a year to be murdered and will hold us all responsible one day. Supreme Court judges can change this in the future and Trump was and is the path to giving the life of the unborn a chance.

Those of us with the ability to see the long term ramifications of a Hillary White House knew we didn’t have a choice and we had to use him as the tool he now is. He will likely nominate two or three Supreme Court judges and many, many federal judges as well. These will direct and dictate our laws for decades to come and could be the very reason babies one day are saved from the knives and suction tubes of abortion clinics around the U.S. This one thing is way more important than his mouth, how he handles Putin, what he says on twitter or behind the podium.

Much like Obama, he will be gone and on a list of names one day. Yes, a list even I will cringe at when I see his name. He’s such a tool.

But he’s a tool we are gonna use like crazy right now and honestly I thank God he’s there.

Jesus is Just Another April Fools without a Resurrection

There has only been one religious leader in history that was predicted to die, predicted to rise again and then did so. Jesus Christ.

All of the others remain in their graves; Mohammed, Buddha, Gandhi, Confucius, Zoroaster, Zeus, Apollo, on and on I could go. All are dead…just bones. Lifeless and worthless.

But Jesus overcame death and lives today.

It’s funny how the world today hates Jesus and his followers. Just as He predicted they would by the way in John 15:18 when He told his disciples, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”.

Boy do they! The spike in angst and hate towards those of us that believe in the name of Jesus is once again something that sets Jesus apart from the rest. When was the last time you heard someone rant and rave about Buddha or Gandhi or even Mohammed and his crazy followers? It just doesn’t happen. The world seems to embrace all of those but runs from even mentioning the name Jesus. A great example is the recent Disney movie “A Wrinkle In Time” staring Oprah (who in the past has claimed to be a Christian) when throughout the movie they characters referenced powerful quotes from past philosophical and religious leaders. Not one quote from Jesus, the one with the biggest following in the history of mankind. Go figure.

Why does the world embrace and celebrate the others but have gag reflex when it comes to Jesus? Because they are lifeless and dead. They aren’t a threat and because in their mind there is no accountability for their deeds, good or bad. They can live howsoever they choose.

Jesus didn’t say He was “one of the ways to get to God”. He didn’t say “I can help you get to God”. No Jesus said to him, “I am the [only] Way [to God] and the [real] Truth and the [real] Life; no one comes to the Father but through Me,” in John 14:6.

Now you know why He is hated.

They key to all of this however, is the resurrection. Without it He too is still dead and His words just become neat little phrases to share and live by. Him rising from the dead however changes everything. For everyone.

Lee Strobel, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and a graduate of Yale Law School, wrote “The Case for Christ” among some other investigative writings about Jesus. Lee had formerly been an atheist and was compelled by his wife’s conversion to evangelical Christianity to refute the key Christian claims about Jesus.

What he learned changed his life forever. He too now believes.

I could spend hours breaking down facts about the resurrection…including historical witness and testimonies to the fact and scientific research that emboldens the idea. But in the end, it must be accepted by faith. Paul says in Ephesians 5:28, “God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.”

And that step is one that every person on the planet will one day face. What did you do with Jesus? Think about standing before God one day and being asked that. You might should have the right answer…

For the most part the world chooses to hate Him. Others hold Him at a distance as a “good man….part of our history”, and still others do choose to believe with many risking their lives to do so.

Without the resurrection Jesus would be just another April Fools. With it, those who don’t believe are foolish for not. It is a game changer.

Believe in Him today and let Him change your life from the inside out. He will.

Then you too will know the power of the resurrection.

And that’s no April Fools.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

(c) 2018

No Bones About It



There Was Jesus & Then There was Grandma Kat

Few lives have ever been lived like that of Kathrine Barton Speers. And few people have ever lived life like she did. We knew her as “Grandma Kat” and other than Jesus Himself, there just wasn’t another better as a person than her. 26231332_10156099620522491_4142823876318054010_n

She was the Fruits of the Spirit. All of them. She made the Ten Commandments and 1 Corinthians 13 look like a walk in the park. Talk about a constant witness for God…She was selfless, loving, caring, patient, kind and best of all very, very funny.

Born on January 23, 1923, and spending most of her life in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, she ended her earthly journey and received her eternal reward on January 12, 2018; this close to 95 years of a life few can ever imagine. She is survived by her daughters Linda and Janet and her youngest son Troy. Her family included four children, seven grandkids and nine great grandkids. Her husband of over 60 years, Jack Speers, passed away in 2004 and her oldest son, Charles Jack Speers, passed away in 2017.

There are so many stories to share when someone has walked the earth for almost 95 years. So many experiences. She has lived through and seen the Great Depression, World War II, watched the space race and then a man landing on the moon…the growth of color TV and automobiles, the invention of air conditioning, color cameras, cell phones and the Internet. She has watched Cowboys Super Bowls (remember those), the assassination of a President, the impeachment of another President, the Civil Rights Movement and the rise and fall of the USSR.

19 Presidents took office while she was alive. We have only had 43 of them! They included: Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump. She was around to see the rise of rock music, Elvis, the Beatles, and even the works of Michael Jackson. Her decades included the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s 90s, 00s and 10s.

I could go on for days thinking of all the things that her eyes have witnessed. In a nutshell, she lived a long, long, long time and she never waivered in who she was.

Despite all of those, she would be the first to tell you that the best thing she experienced in all of those years was finding Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She spent her life learning who He was, learning to live as He lived and doing all she could to share His love with those around her.

She made it her mission to ensure that our family was united and close. She made sure everyone got the change to her God’s word and did all she could to keep us all in line. She understood the importance of living this life to the fullest while preparing for the life to come. She was this close to Jesus on a daily basis and few Bibles have had more pages turned.

There aren’t enough pages to write all she meant to us as a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Whoever comes in second place as “Grandma’s of the Century” will be a distant 2nd. She took us fishing, played countless games of “Sorry” with us and back in the day learned how to beat us in Atari followed by Nintendo. She made the best homemade dinner rolls ever (some of you have had them) and I will never forget all those summers my sister and I got to spend with my cousins at “the farm” in Ennis, TX. Her and Papa made my childhood a dream. Even as a great grandma to my four kids, she left a mark in their lives and it won’t be the same without her there. I guess we are going to have buy and do a puzzle each year as a family in her honor…

She was truly one of a kind and the world has lost another important piece of what is still called “the greatest generation that ever lived”. She grew her own food, took care of a husband, four kids and a farm. She sewed her own clothes and up until these last few years hand made quilts by hand, something few even know how to do anymore.

My dad even caught her trying to climb up into a tree with a water hose during a drought filled summer…she was 90 when she tried doing that. She broke her arm in her late 80s and drove herself to the ER, without calling a single person because she didn’t want to “bother anyone”.

This was my grandma. Always saying yes, always smiling and always making those around her happy. Her pastor told me the day she died, “I don’t know what we are going to do without her. She meant so much to our church family.” At 94 she was still hosting class parties, serving in the church every Sunday and never missed a chance to help. She was the life of the party.

On one of those last days, I was able to grab a few minutes with her in the hospital alone. I kissed her on the forehead with tears running down my cheeks and rubbed my hands through her beautiful white hair. I said “you were the greatest Grandma a little boy could ever have”. She smiled with tears of sadness and joy in her eyes as we both realized she would soon step over to the other side. She told me she couldn’t wait to see my Grandpa and my dad again. What a reunion that must have been just a few days later!

My heart breaks thinking about how many things are now going to change without her around. It just won’t be the same. She was the cog for many wheels. A very large empty chair can be overwhelming to think about. But she has won her race and passed the torch to us to carry on and that we must. Even if we only fill one of her shoes, we will have made her happy as she watches us from above.

One of her favorite songs was “I’ll Fly Away”. Some of her grandkids sang it to her at Christmas just a few weeks before she died. It has these words…

Some bright morning when this life is over….I’ll fly away
To that home on God’s celestial shore….I’ll fly away

I’ll fly away, oh glory….I’ll fly away in the morning
When I die, Hallelujah by and by….I’ll fly away

Fitting that she died on a bright, sunny morning. I couldn’t help but think that was just a little reward from Heaven of a job well done….for a life lived like few ever have.

Love you Grandma.


Zane’s Day with the Judge

One of the neat procedural things done during the adoption process is meeting with the local judge to make it all “official” and “final”. This means the child can take the families last name and the journey is officially done.

For Zane that took place today as we made our way to the county courthouse and met with the judge who signed off on it all. It wasn’t a necessary step, but like with Quinn, we wanted to participate in this part of the process.

I know one day we will look back on these moments and cherish them even more than we do now. Dad was watching in spirit as this neat moment took place. Life is too short to miss it for us still here.

God is good all the time and all the time, God is good. Now we press on.


Astros Win It All For All of Texas

Baseball is truly America’s sports. No playoffs are as intense, scary and exciting. Each pitch, each hit, each run scored is total drama. So amazing.

It has taken me a few days since the Astros won the World Series by beating the LA Dodgers to figure out just what to say. When you’ve been a fan of a team most of your entire life and they finally win it all, the words are hard to come by.

Did I cry a little? Yes. Did I scream and party a little? Yes. Did I believe they would do it? No! I was too scared to hope for anything better than a 2nd WS appearance. I was happy with that sadly. Days later and I am still in shock with an endless smile on my heart. They freaking did it!!!!

My dad passed away in July and my prayer then was the Astros, and my Cowboys, would win it all for him.

After all I owe my love of sports to my dad.

I’ve been an Astros fan since 1974 when we moved to Houston as a kid. I’ve waited my entire life cheering them on, and the Rangers, hoping one of my teams would finally bring the World Championship to the great state of Texas. Fitting that the Astros would do it first!

My dad took me to a handful of games nearly every year I can remember as a kid. We would sit way up high in the Astrodome. We’d leave early most games because I had school the next day and I would fall asleep listening to Milo Hamilton call the end of the game. (Sadly he passed away just two years short of seeing this happen!)

These games hold some of the most precious times with my dad…especially now looking back on them without him here. I know he was watching in his ugly orange Astros shirt cheering them on with me and forever I will hold those memories close to my soul. I miss him so much every day.

Now I have the goal of passing on the love of the game to my kids. They are full throttle Rangers fans and I can only hope and pray I have given them so of those great memories like dad gave me. I take them to as many games as I can and every now and then I run them down to Houston for an Astros game. Maybe one day the Rangers too will win a ring for us all.

Texas proud. Houston strong.

Thank you Astros. And if you want to win it again in 2018, please do!

Astros Dodgers. This time it’s for all the marbles.

I will never forget the Astros Dodgers National League series in 1986. My family and I sat and watched as our beloved team made their first run at the pennant. It was incredible and all of us cried when it was over. We got that close.

It was 2005, nearly 20 years later before we finally made it to the World Series. Only to get swept by the Whitesox in four. Julie and I were there and happy to experience it.

But this team is different. We are watching something that could be years in the making. The talent, pitching and the chemistry. It is all there. Only the hated team from LA stands in the way and man are they good.

Maybe this will be the year we win it all. For my dad.

Let’s do this!

One Year Later….All Is Good

Today marked the one year anniversary of Zane being home. Forever.

It is hard to believe how fast the year went and what an amazing ride it has been. It has been hard. Harder in some ways than we expected. But he has done amazing! He is growing every day and learning by leaps and bounds. The little guy has a mind of his own sometimes but he is adjusting and making progress day by day.

We are blessed to be his forever family and as we settle even more into this new normal, we are happy with where things are. We are a blessed family of six!

God is good!

12 Years Ago I Nearly Lost My Daughters

As many know, we have identical twin girls. Born 12 years ago today in Arlington, Texas.

Little did we know how serious it was that we nearly lost them both and it’s a miracle that today we celebrate 12 amazing years with them by our side. Here is what happened:

We had a gyno visit and our doctor (yes I said “we” and “our” doctor…he was AWESOME!) in which he found something alarming. The girls were at 32 weeks and Chloe appeared to have stopped growing. Sidney was getting larger and Chloe wasn’t. Something wasn’t right.

He sent us over to a specialist we called “Dr. Scary” who ended up being a life saver, literally. Our doctor reassured us things were fine,  and we carelessly went about life waiting on this visit.

After spending an hour in a dark room at Dr. Scary’s office with him quietly looking them over he suddenly told us “I want you to go to the hospital right now so these girls can be monitored. We are going to have to go and get them this weekend. Don’t go home, just go right there and I will have someone waiting on you.”

After ignoring him and going home to get our stuff, we showed up Arlington Memorial an hour or so later with family right behind us.

It was then that we first heard about TTTS. Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Our girls had it and in many cases TTTS claims the lives of both twins. By the time the doctors become aware or discover it, they are usually gone or too far gone to save.

TTTS is when, for many unknown reasons, one baby begins to starve because of not getting enough nutrients and the other drowns because of getting too much. For many one day the babies just stop moving. Forever. And it’s usually well into the pregnancy too. Totally traumatic.

Friday night, August 19th was one of the longest nights of my life because I now knew the trouble our girls were in. I slept on the floor with their heart monitor machine blinking right in my face. Every few minutes I would see a pause and would nearly jump ready to get the nurses. They wanted us there so they could do emergency C-sections within minutes before it was too late if they needed too. I was on watch 24/7 for two days.

The day they were born I will never forget as along as I live. Chloe was pulled out first, pale, frail, small and not moving. Not a sound. For the first time our doctor looked scared too. Then Sidney came out, looked nearly twice her size. Red and swollen…but crying.

The seconds seemed like hours as the nurses tried to get Chloe to respond. I stood there behind Julie with video camera in hand in shock and awe at everything taking place. One daughter being footprinted and crying the other practically being beat to death to stir to life. As I write this fresh feelings come back and tears well up in my eyes again.

Doctor made several eye communications with his nurses. He was very concerned and he never, ever got very concerned about anything. My Lord, he offered me a cola right before we walked in to scrub!

Finally, I heard movement from that side of the room. It wasn’t much but our little fighter was hanging with us. They quickly whisked her away to the NICU along with Sidney. I followed them out and immediately wrapped my arms around my mom and dad.

We just didn’t know what the day would hold.

What seems like centuries later, the doctor came in and said they both were stable but would be in NICU for some time. The joy and tears at that moment were the result of seeing a miracle take place that day.

God was good and I still have the most amazing little girls on the planet.

I made this for them years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfI8_ePdit8&index=6&list=PLBCE331A0B49CEDF2