Cowboys Charity Kickoff Event 2007

Every year for the last 4, my company has been fortunate to help support and attend the Dallas Cowboys annual kickoff luncheon. All proceeds support the Christian ministry in Grandbury called Happy Hill Farm. Check it out sometime.

This event is highly Christian in orientation, including praying IN JESUS NAME over the meal, the season and the kids of Happy Hill. It is one time throughout the football season that perspective is kept in order of real life issues vs. just men playing a game. It is very neat and the kids entire year is dependent on this event to support their home.

I got to chat with Stephen Jones afterwords this year (all of the Cowboys players are always there and most of the former players usually are). Regardless of what you might think about the Jones family, they are loyal, dedicated, hard working, family oriented people. Stephen runs the show (much more then Jerry these days) and he out-does many of us in terms of charity work, running his business and being a good father and husband.

From a business perspective he is an inspiration to me. He is currently running the Cowboys, the new Cowboys stadium, he serves as Board members for various charities, and he has a huge family!

Just a great time. Go Cowboys!

FORKS Movie Trailer Released….

In 1992 my college roommate and I had nothing to do one Saturday night in Brownwood so we filmed “Attack of the Killer Spoons” with a video camera. Special effects, music…a truly terrifying movie. (Remember, this was before the days of UTube and the homevideo rage going on today.)

The two of us started filming it around 6pm….the last thing we both remember was Scott yelling from his room into mine as we finally finished and headed to bed, “Brady! The sun is coming up!”

The movie turned out hilarious and has been a classic for 15 years.

In honor of it turning 15, the fellas decided it was time to film “Revenge of the Forks” a revised, much more refined film of the 21st century. So, during Fellas Weekend III this summer the project was on, again with little to no budget, but 3 video cameras. This time it took myself, Scott, RJ, Clint, David, Michael, Greg, Matt and Tercek and other “stand ins” like Vince, Jason, Ben, Chris, and Gordon to film. We started at 4pm and finished deep into the morning hours…

Forks will be ready this fall. Click here for a preview:

(don’t be fooled, the college kid who stole our idea and did the same thing this summer has nothing on ours. His is good. But we have 15 years of experience, Curlee, and a pitchfork my friend, and ours will stop your heart…)


CJ & Fern Speers celebrate 40 years of bliss today!

According to dad, it was one hot day when they got married in a church 40 years ago with no AC! I guess things started off HOT and just continued on for 4 more decades that way.

As a reward we are sending them away to a B&B of their own choosing!

We love you mom and dad!

Back Home, Just In Time…

What a great trip to the coast it was with mom, dad and my sister’s family! We had such a blast! We left as the rain from Erin started falling on Wednesday. But we got our “beach days” in. We just love the place!

Can you find the “ghost crab” in this picture?

See more at the Speers website in a few days!

Summer of 1994 All Over Again

13 Years ago, my sister and I and some friends went to Galveston with our mom and dad. We rented a beach house and did the whole “Gulf Coast vacation” thing. Well things have changed in 13 years as we are older, fatter, and both now married with kids of our own! But tomorrow we leave once again for a 3 day stay on the beach!

This time it will include my brother-in-law, their two kids and my wife and our two kids!

It’s gonna be real hot here in Dallas, but at least we can escape for some fun in the sun for a few days! So many great memories for me in the Houston/Galveston area. I cannot wait!

What makes it a little more special for me this year, is since late last year my company has been selling health insurance for Standard Life based in Galveston. They are owned by the Moody’s who essentially founded the island and seem to own most of it today. I might have to drop by and see what kind of perks they can throw my way!