Julie RUNS Like Never Before!

In case you have not noticed, my hot wife is now even hotter as she has been on this fitness kick of late…

Here she is nearing the end of her latest 5k called the Zoo Fun Run in Fort Worth last weekend!

(In case you are hoping….I am down 15lbs myself though I slack off way more than she does….I’ll catch up soon!)


Brady and Julie Celebrate 4 Years of Bliss!

It truly freaks me out that Julie and I will begin working on our 5th year of marriage this year, but we will!

What an amazing wife I have and I can only hope she says the same about me…of course, while substituting “wife” with “husband”….

We are already planning our Hawaii vacation for our 5th, but this year we are going to celebrate in style by having dinner on McKinney somewhere, then attending the Mavs playoff game against Golden State tonight and staying at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas afterwords!

Being married is the best thing ever! Single? Get married.

Julie, I love you hun!

Blog Update Spring 2007

Well, well, well. Can we say “summer is around the corner” or what?
Where is 2007 going in such a rush?

Anyway, life with twin toddlers has been so crazy that the blog thing has just been shoved to the back lately. I do keep up with photos posted on our website, and I will continue to post important happenings in our lives here and the girls blog, but I really want to spend more time working on my book…that is whenever I have time!


Some Things Stay the Same

In a time where it seems everything around us is changing, it’s nice here and there to find a place where things have stayed about the same.

Ennis, Texas, former home of my Papa’s “farm” is just that place.

I look a step back in time last week on my way to Houston, to drive down Old Telco Road over to 1381 and then on down to drive by the old place.

I nearly choke up writing this. So many memories from my childhood there. So many great times with Papa and Grandma, my cousins, my sister, mom and dad, and my aunts and uncles. Nearly every great Christmas moment is locked away in the walls of that old place too.

Not to mention the tractors, cows, the garden, the ponds, the old VW bugs, and our old go-cart.

There will likely never be a place like that in my life again…that is until we step into eternity.

The farm was about as close as I think I will get and it is sure was nice to see it hasn’t changed all that much.