Family Love on Valentines Day

Julie and I don’t really care much for the made-up holiday called Valentines Day. It forces us to run around trying to do things for each other that we do throughout the year anyway. So, we decided to make it a new family tradition that focuses on everyone instead of it being all about our romance.

This year we all agreed to make notes for each other explaining at least one thing that we liked about everyone else. The kids were so into it too. They spent nearly all day working on theirs.

Later that night we headed out to dinner at the famous Babes in Burleson, Texas, and shared our nuggets with each other. It was great to see the kids share their hearts and be so meaningful. I think we may have found a new thing to do on Valentines weekend that won’t bog us down!

Yea, I still got Julie flowers though…I ain’t stupid.