Babies Galore

Something is in the water. We have 10 couples who have either just had or are having a baby! Check it out:

Clint & Alyssa Locks – girl “Brianna”
Michael & Brenna Heald – boy “Hunter”
Roy & Dondi Hayhurst – boy “Jordan”
Russell & Jenny Winter – girl due in Nov
Donnie & Sarah Franklin – girl “Riley”
Landon & Amy Doyle – girl “Avery”
Dave & Katherine Curlee – girl “Jillian”
Fernando & Heather Juarez – baby girl
Tim & Megan Williams – due in Nov
Glenn & Cassie McClelland- boy “Caleb”

Notice all the girls…..women DO rule the world.

Congrats everyone. We need to stop drinking the water!


Hurricane Rita Menaces My Hometown!

Hurricane Rita was category 5 just a few days ago.

It was called the 3rd strongest hurricane ever recorded. Thank God it died down to a category 3 and missed the Galveston/Houston area late last night by about 100 miles.

I grew up just south of Houston and went through Hurricane Alicia in 1983, the last major hurricane to directly hit Houston/Galveston. It was crazy and scary. We still have friends with businesses and homes in that area and thankfully, they were all sparred any major destruction.

It has been a crazy hurricane season….and it’s not over yet.

Pray for The Gulf Coast

I’ve been through a hurricane before. It’s not any fun. I’ve been through two floods. Those aren’t fun either. But, I cannot even imagine just what our fellow American’s in LA, MS and AL are experiencing as a result of the largest hurricane to ever hit the US, Katrina.

Please do something to help in the reflief efforts. Do more than pray. Give, serve and support.

They needs us now more than ever.