Quinn turns 8 and Korea Camp was a blast

Seems like yesterday we were in Korea meeting Quinn for the first time. That was 8 years ago.

My little buddy is growing like a weed. Taller, smarter and still smiling all the time. He amazes us how sweet and caring he is too.

Once again his birthday fell on Korea Camp weekend and vacation week. We had a blast being together for 10 days enjoying life and taking some time to get away from it all. Korea camp was great as always and hopefully there are many more ahead with Zane coming into the fold soon.

Without Quinn this little life of ours just wouldn’t be the same. He makes it fun for sure.

God I love this kid. Thanks for bringing us all together.



A Small Zane Update

While we wait on getting Zane home, we will live for these irregular updates. Check more details out on our adoption blog here.

Zane Speers

Zane Speers


In the mean time we will wait on the Lord and enjoy the five of us will enjoy our time together hoping we will soon get to be a family of six!

Brady Speers is a father of four and married to his amazing wife Julie. They have twin girls and two Korean born sons, plus two dogs! Brady and Julie live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and she is a homeschooling mother and he is a retirement income planner with Safe Retirement Experts. For more about his work visit. www.bradyspeers.net 


Steve Martin and Martin Short – A Review

I have always been a huge fan of Steve Martin and when I learned he was coming to the Winstar World Casino just a quick hour drive away I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance to get to see him live and in person. It was a no brainer and enjoy it tremendously I did.

He is probably in my top 5 comedians including his roles in Roxanne, The Jerk, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, on Saturday Night Live, and my personal favorite Three Amigos.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this show and tour entitled “A Very Stupid Conversation”. Martin Short, another one of my favorites, played the fantastic role of stirring up the craziness between these two senior citizen jokers. It was a funny mixture of casual comedy, music, general insanity on the part of Short and the two of them spending most of the evening cutting each other down in some of the funniest ways ever heard. To see these two older men command the stage with such energy and passion after 3 decades of making most of us laugh was quite a pleasant surprise.

If you get a chance to go see these two, do it. It was better than I expected and I laughed my self silly.

After all, you never know how long we will get to enjoy the comedic brilliance of two men as funny as these are.

Brady Speers is a married father of four. He has degrees from both Howard Payne University and Baylor University. They live in the town south of Dallas/Fort Worth and Brady helps people plan safe retirements.  They have two dogs (Charlie and Zoe) and his pastimes include sports, photography and writing.  Check his personal page out at www.bradyspeers.net