Trump and Obama…Tales of Ignorance

We are watching 2008 and 2012 all over again. But this time the shoe is on the other foot and I just cannot believe what I am seeing.

Let’s start by being real here. Obama had zero business or real political experience. Heck, even as a senator in his home state he was absent for most votes and issues. Not to mention his radical associations, his crazy ass “pastor”, his insane chaotic family upbringing, his admissions of drug use in his own book, his wild public statements made during college, and the clear socialistic agenda he promised to bring to America if elected. Forget all of that…unless you were and are one of the most liberal people politically known to man, he should have never been elected…and he was twice. But a lot of that had to do with people being “angry” at Bush, the tiresome war, a failing economy and the fact that Obama was a great speaker and would become the first African American in the White House. Ignorance and emotion ruled the day.

And here we are again.

Trump is an ass. He has no political experience. He is self-centered, arrogant, rude, and just recently he was singing the praises of Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, and Obamacare. The very people these “angry conservatives” are pissed off at, are the very people he has written checks to! And, what really blows my mind, is many of these people claim to be “evangelicals”. Just as I was blown away by the number of Christians that voted for Obama and his proud push to abort babies, I am shocked at Christians ignoring the truth about Trump and giving him their support. Pastor Jeffress in Dallas should be removed from the pulpit!

This is a man that as said sexual comments about his own daughter, calls women “pieces of ass” along with dog, pigs and animals, has ties to “pedophile island”, wrote checks to those pushing abortion, misquoted scripture, talked about women he would “bang”, screwed businesses out of millions by filing bankruptcy numerous times, hired illegal workers by the droves, and has been a liberal for most of his adult life.

Yet, he goes on stage, says a few neat things and all of a sudden he is the best choice for the Republican party????

Ignorance rules the American voter on both sides.

There are two fantastic conservative candidates running for office that would serve our nation with boldness, strength and honor. Both Rubio and Cruz would run circles around Trump. My personal choice is Cruz mainly because he isn’t a career politician nor is he pushed by the GOP establishment. But I could live with either. If you are a true conservative, either would likely beat Hillary, and either would help restore the destructive things we have seen Obama do.

Trump won’t beat Hillary. He will get destroyed by the media for who he really is and they are waiting to do so.

Don’t give me the bs lines about Trump being an outsider and the rest of the GOP field being “establishment” guys or career politicians. Yes, Rubio is pushed by the establishment leaders but I can live with that because he certainly is no McCain or Romney or Bush…and Cruz has done everything the Tea Party that pushed him asked him to go do. He was the only one that really stood against the establishment these last few years! And both are certainly more truly conservative than this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

You’re an idiot if you vote for Trump and that’s just the truth. We will have you to thank while we get to listen to the bitchy Hillary on our TV sets for the next four years too.