Elmo On Stage

We have truly arrived as parents of toddlers in love with Elmo. We attended our first Sesame Street Live concert Friday, at 10:30AM! The girls loved it, though it cost us nearly a 2nd mortgage to go.

Funny Words, Funny Girls

The girls are in a very funny phase right now. Toddlerville is almost in the past now as we enter “little girl land” over the next few months. But the language they speak today is a riot. Here are some of the funny ways they say certain words and phrases. I thought I would share them so as to not forget these times for years to come:

1. Offy shoes, offy pants, etc – offy means “take off”
2. Twildwen – or children
3. Elfant – aka elephant
4. Bidanin – vitamin
5. Washi hands, hair, etc – means “wash my hands/etc”
6. Happycake – their word for any type of cake
7. Panpakes – panchake
8. Owie – any injury
9. Neeno – this is their word for these little character icepacks for owies that started with a Nemo shapped one
10. Chicknfilay – chick-fi-la their favorite place just like daddy!
11. I did – this is a funny phrase that mainly Chloe says
12. Lightning go boom – another funny thing they say during big storms
13. Moonsky – they say this any time they can see the moon in the sky
14. Daddy/mommy h0ld you – they say this when they want to be held
15. This is my caman-jam – this is how they say “this is my commandment that you love one another” from the children’s song
16. Himimims – aka M&Ms
17. Chocwate – chocolate
18. Hand mannows – aka marshmallows
19. Backaroni – macaroni
20. Fa A-ham – this is how they say “father Abraham” from the children’s song
21. Home PeePo – Home Depot
22. Kura – Korea
23. Crema – camera
24. Fallas – flowers

I will add more as we hear more! 3/17/08 add a few more…

No More Pasis

About a week ago, Julie took the brave step of having the girls throw away their pasis! (sp?)

As most toddlers are, they are addicted to them and seem to need them every step of the day. But, the girls complied and were very good about saying bye-bye to them. They get to keep one in their bed for nigh-night time and they seem to look forward to it each night now.

It is sad to see them become little girls. I will miss the blankies and pasis more than they will…

My Wife is Amazing

My wife is amazing.

She is the most amazing mother ever.

No one is more patient.

She loves the fellas.

She loves my family.

She loves Christ.

Few are better friends to others than her.

She has a great body.

She is witty and funny.

And, to top it all off, she loves me!

Here are some pics of my hot wife for your jealousy…

Our First Lunar New Year Celebration

In honor of our Korean heritage, we attended a Lunar New Year party with our Dillon family for the first time! We ate some Korean/Asian food, had some American cheesecake, and shared stories with other adoptive parents. This photo is of their kids, many from asian countries.

Next year, Quinn and his sisters will join in the fun! This was the year of the rat…

If you are really bored and want to read about this annual tradition of the asian culture, click here.

Why Huck Instead of the Liberal Republican Mac

Five simple reasons why Mac needs to go back and Huck needs to go forward:

1. McCain is a consverative liberal. What I mean by that is he nearly converted to work along side John Kerry in 2004 as his VP. He is a democrat with conservative leanings. Though he has been a Republican all these years, he is not really a true conservative. He is against abortion and for the troops which is great but that is about all. Plus, can he be more boring from the stage?

2. Romney is basically done and over with. You cannot buy the nomination. He has spent millions more than the others and still comes in 2nd or 3rd in nearly every race. He is still a mormon, though I do like his leadership abilities and style. But it has never been proven that a CEO can be an effective President. I would certainly support him more than McCain, but there is bascially no way he can win it now.

3. Huckabee has done all that he has done with God’s help and with little to spend compared to the others. McCain has spent $38,000,000. Romney has spent $86,000,000 and Huckabee has barely spent just $7,000,000!!! You tell me who and what has taken him from the bottom of the pile in November to having nearly the same delegates as the $100million dollar man after Super Tuesday?

4. Huckabee is not a perfect conservative. But with Romney basically done, true conservatives can support a man who has these positives on his platform: a man of faith, pro-life, agrees to build a fence and be tougher with immigration (has changed his tune on this some), wants a fair tax system so we ALL get tax breaks -not just the poor, has actually led a true government longer than any of the GOP or DEMS (Mac has only been senator) and most importantly – see below.

5. Huckabee, unlike Mac or Romney, will appoint true conservative judges. McCain will not and who knows who Romney would appoint based on his system of faith. This is the most pressing issue in this election and few are talking about it. This one issue will affect the nation for far longer than a man who might serve for 4 to 8 years as the President. These judges serve for life and could overturn Roe vs. Wade and other liberal interpretations of our Constitution.

If we want God to protect and bless this nation, we cannot remove Him from our schools and society and murder his babies by the millions. Yes, it is murder and you are just clueless if you think it isn’t.

It really is as simple as that. Look at the stats since we have taken prayer and the Bible out of our American society and since we made abortion legal and try to argue with me. You will lose. God began removing His hand from this nation in the 60s and we need Him bad.

We could use a man like Huck. Sadly though, it looks like Mac is back.

Pray he asks Huckabee to be his VP. Maybe that is the “window” God will give us to get a man like him in.

We are Now an American/Korean Family

Effective now, the Speers family has become an inter-racial family. We are both American and Korean. But, most people including Julie and I have no clue what Korea is and what being Korean means. Below are some facts about South Korea.

Parts of South Korea are still very primitive and poor but Seoul is full of life and is much larger than Dallas! Industries include technology, automobiles, and farming. The South Koreans are very grateful and thankful to America for our efforts during the Korean War to free them from the North Koreans. Over 3 million people died in the Korean War (over 52,000 Americans), and though many people think it was a war that meant nothing to the U.S., the war assured the freedoms of millions of people in South Korea today and has held the North Koreans at bay for over 6 decades. It also gives us a strong ally and military presence in the communist region. The TV show MASH was based on this war.

Thousands of Korean children have been adopted by American’s since the war for a variety of reasons. About 1,500 children each year are adopted out of South Korea. The most common reasons are poverty and the social taboos that exist against pregnant women who are not married. Abortion rates are very high.

Korean’s celebrate the most common worldly holidays such as Christmas and New Years, but have holidays of their own as well. The largest being Chuseok (August 14-16) or the Full Harvest Moon Festival, which is like Thanksgiving. They also celebrate the Lunar Months 1-8.

The country is very westernized in terms of technology and shopping. Hyundai, Trinitron, LG and Samsung are all popular South Korean companies most American’s recognize. In a nation the size of Indiana there are 5 cities larger than Dallas. Christianity is the most accepted religion in the country.

More coming soon!