Meet Charlie…

Saturday was a new day for the family as we introduced “Charlie” into our lives, as our newest member.

Our 10 year old boxer, Sam died suddenly just a few weeks ago, and we were all heartbroken. Boxers are just the most amazing dog in the world with families and Sam was even more unique and special.

But if dogs could speak, we know Sam would want his “spirit” in our home to continue through another. And, I think we have found the perfect next one.

I found this lady with one boy pup left near Denton. He was fully registered, which to me is important, and she was willing to give us a great deal on his adoption fees after I told her our recent loss. The kids had already decided our next dog would be called “Charlie” and so we had to find out if this dog was in fact a “Charlie” or not.

He sure is.

Funny thing is, once we got to this breeder’s home, we learned that the dad dog was named “Charlie” too! The kids were excited.

We can already tell Charlie is gonna fit right in. He loves his new older brother Max (and Max has taken to him well being old and blind and all) and Charlie just has a great, loving, playful personality. The kids are beyond excited, and honestly, Julie and I are too.

Someone told me the only way to get over your first boxer, is to have another.

We will never “get over” Sam. He was so, so special and will always be missed, but it is neat to see the boxer spirit he gave this home already continue in this new little guy!

God, thank you for dogs, and thanks even more for boxers!


What the Bible Says About Animals/Pets

In the wake of our dog Sam dying last week, I spent a little time reading about God’s take on the animals of the world. Though the bible never mentions pets, the Bible is clear about a few things that should give those of us that have lost a pet, some comfort.

God made animals before he made man.

God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. Gen 1:25

Animals will be in heaven.

In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together;

the leopard will lie down with the baby goat.

The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion,

and a little child will lead them all. Isa 11:6

We are to love and care for our animals.

The godly care for their animals… Prov 12:10a

There will be surprises in heaven – our pets?

What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love him…I Cor 2:9

This last one is my favorite. God is good, right? Well, doesn’t it just sound like Him to surprise us when we arrive in heaven to have all of our beloved pets run up to us? It does to me. He is THAT good and He loves to surprise his children just like we do our own!

I hope this helps. It has helped us.

First Day of School a Hit

Despite the crowds and the chaos, the girls both liked their new school and school day at Elizabeth Smith. Going to pre-school certainly helped the last few years but even Chloe said the new 7:50-3:15 day was “too long”. LOL. I AGREE!

They have separate classes (Mrs. Ann & Mrs. Butler) but they do get to see each other sometimes and seem to like it already. It is scary to see them grow so fast!

I know we will one day go back and see their “12th Grade, 2024″ sign and say to ourselves, “it felt like it was just yesterday we were standing in front of Smith Elementary and they were 6!”

Quinn is around the corner too!

Mark my words….

Embrace Life – it is an adventure…

13 Year School Journey Has Begun…

I never really thought much about this day until all of a sudden it was here.

Our girls are now in the real school system!!!! They have started Kindergarten at Smith Elementary! It’s literally 1 block from the house and we are personal friends with both of their teachers but…..


What a change our entire family is embracing. M-F early mornings, homework, activities galore, new friends, teacher conferences, notes home (hopefully not!), report cards, BOYFRIENDS!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!


Ok….got that off my mind.

As parents we are nervous, excited and sad all at the same time. Our girls are no longer babies. They are girls, on their way to pre-teens, teens and beyond.

I must find a way to slow this down….must….find…a…..way….

Chloe & Sidney Turn Six!

On this day 6 years ago our lives changed forever, as our identical twin daughters joined our family.

Chloe came in to the world at 3lbs 5oz and 18 seconds later came Sidney at 4 lbs 11oz.

What amazingly beautiful little girls they have become!

Thanks to the amazing doctors involved and staff at Arlington Memorial NICU for helping ensure that TTTS did not steal them from us!

Happy Birthday to my girls!

Embracing a New Normal

This is a weekend of change for our family. A new normal is settling in. Some of it is sad, some is fun and some is a little nerveracking for sure.

1. Life without Sam is going to be an adjustment. For 10 years we enjoyed the “Max & Sam” show, but now our love and attention will have to focus on old Maxie…

2. Girls promote at church to the “kids” area and are no longer downstairs in the “baby/preschool” area. Plus, they start going to “big church” with us each Sunday. Quinn will go up another “grade” too!

3. Our class at church is changing service times to the 2nd service. New classroom too!

4. The girls start school FOR REAL tomorrow as the go to Smith for Kindergarten! Wow!

This is our new normal. Life is an adventure. We WILL embrace it!

TTTS Nearly Killed Our Girls

The specialist told us, “Go straight to the hospital right now. Do not go home. We are going to get these girls.”

It was August 19, 2005, and Julie and I had been sent to see this doctor out of some concerns our regular doctor had seen in the last sonogram of our twin girls. It was week 33 and Sidney appeared to be much larger than Chloe. Sid was growing and Chlo wasn’t. Not good. Not good at all.

Having no clue what TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) was, we quickly left his office, went home against his instructions to get some stuff and then drove 30 minutes to our hospital. Immediately the nurses hooked heart monitors up to Julie’s belly and for the next 48 hours it was nervous-city as we waited for the girls to hit the 34 week mark so Dr. Neill could go in and pull them out.

TTTS is a condition in which one twin dominates the other in terms of getting most of the mother’s blood and nutrients. What happens in MOST cases is it is discovered too late and the twins die a silent death. One starves while the other drowns in too much.

Had our doctor not seen this and sent us to this specialist, Chloe and Sidney would likely not be here today. Those two doctors saved our girls’ lives. TTTS was not going to win this one.

Sunday, the 21st, it was time to go get them. Hearts were still beating but it had been long enough. He went in and got them out. Sidney was big and red, and Chloe was frail and pale; lifeless and without breath at first. But our little fighter hung in there, came to life and thanks to the NICU staff made it home a few weeks later.

Our story was a miracle, but for many parents of twins, the endings are terrible when TTTS is present. Research is helping and giving hope but it cannot be done without our help.

In honor of Chloe and Sidney please consider giving a few dollars on their birth weekend to the Fetal Hope Foundation, a supported of TTTS research.