Quinny Turns 3

Quinn Seong Wook turns three! Our little tyke is hitting true “boy stage” at this point – eating everything in sight, breaking tons of stuff and playing rough and tough….that is when he isn’t playing “dress up” with his older sisters.

Happy birthday son! You are loved!

Life is good!

Galveston – Recovered from Ike, Spared from the Oil

Since I grew up just 20 minutes from the coast, I have to admit I am a little biased in my assessments. But considering the damage done by Hurricane Ike in 2008 and the fear of the BP oil disaster making its way to the Texas Coast, Galveston is alive and well!

All should take advantage and visit the Island soon!

This year we started a new tradition by staying at the Galvestonian Condominiums on the East Beach. For decades we have rented a beach house on the West Beach but it was time for a change. http://www.galvestonian.com/

The Galvestonian was incredible. We loved it and already have the same condos booked for our visit next summer. It’s just 1 minute from Broadway, the Sewall, the Strand, the Ferry Landing and most importantly Marios Pizza. And with the new Pleasure Pier opening sometime in 2011 we will be just a few minutes away from even more fun.

Nothing is more enjoyable than fun time in the sand and surf surrounded by your kids and family. We ended each day with a clean swim in the huge pool and then rounded out the night with some movies, snacks and drinks.

If you haven’t been to the Texas coast in while, get yourself down there and keep the Galvestonian in mind…just don’t take our new spot!

What a Difference God Can Make In a Year

From our company blog:

One Year Later….a New Business with a New Plan

Last June began a trip to business hell we hope to never revisit. Actually, things started going south in the spring, but all hell broke lose in late May, early June, when we learned that key employees, friends and others were in the process of stealing our business ideas from under neath us in setting up a company called United Health & Life.

A year later UHL appears to be dead and out of busienss and EHL is in the process of a full recovery. All because of the grace of God and His favor and blessings. Period.

Twelve months ago we were wondering how to survive the next week. We were focused on trying to salvage what was left of a 9 year business that blew up in our faces. Today, our 10th year, we in a full recovery with a new exciting business plan that we believe can set us free.

God is good.

After our short stint trying to sell Google ads with AdzZoo, we decided to get back into healthcare sales and in February we connected with a huge brokerage firm out of Fort Worth. Our bond was almost instantaneous and since then we have become a powerful team with a big vision for the future.

Needless to say, summer of 2010 is already night and day from last year. Last year on my vacation these bad people did this to us ruining our family trip to the coast. Next week we go again this time with fun plans in hand! Though cash is still real tight, things are fun again, business is exciting and we can really see God’s hand in it all. It has almost been too easy just letting Him lead us.

We have a future we would have never dreamed possible this time a year ago. We have a lot of work to do but with God’s help all things are possible and we can’t wait see what the next 12 months bring us.