About Brady’s Bunch

Brady Speers was born just outside of Pittsburgh and but quickly found himself in Houston, Texas, where he spent his childhood. He now lives in the heart of the Dallas / Fort Worth area, in Mansfield, Texas.  Professionally, Brady is an entrepreneur working in the real estate investing arena, helping investors find good properties in the state of Texas.  He finds great satisfaction in his work, despite the many hours in his car and in traffic.

Much of Brady’s life revolves around his family.  He and his wife Julie enjoy a happy and love-filled marriage.  They’ve always gotten along great, which has made home life easy.  Together, they are raising four children.  They have identical twin daughters, Chloe and Sidney.  (For the record, having identical twins in the family – it’s all the fun you’d expect…a lot of comical situations).  They adopted their sons Quinn and Zane from South Korea and having two boys has evened out the competition!  They also have three dogs, Charlie, Franklin and Zoey. The Speers household is full of love.  The family is very active and spend a lot of time together, including regular road trips and vacations.

One of Brady’s biggest hobbies is writing.  He has been a casual blogger since 2004, maintaining several blogs about topics close to his heart.  He shares stories from his life and philosophies about his religion (Brady is a devout Christian), his politics (Brady is a conservative, and a vocal member in his community, helping to fund-raise and spread the word for great candidates), and of course his family.

Brady and his wife are also active in the real estate business. Brady and his team rehab homes throughout Texas and Julie and is a certified stager and designer.

In addition to his writing, Brady is a huge sports enthusiast.  During his copious driving for work, Brady is often tuned into sports talk radio.  He appreciates sports of all kinds, but he is a huge Cowboys fan.  His home and work offices are filled with sports memorabilia.  One of his favorite artifacts is a rare signed lithograph photo of all of the cowboys winning quarterbacks, from Meredith to Aikman.  He also has actual seats from the old Cowboys Stadium in his work office.  They were given away to season ticket holders in the final season played there.  Brady’s office was across the street from AT&T Stadium, and so he was able to watch the construction of the $1.3 billion project.  Brady also has a particular love for baseball and the history behind it.  He is an avid Rangers and Astros fan. Ever since reading a phenomenal book about the history of the early baseball stadiums, he has wanted to visit the remaining early stadiums in the northeast of the country.