Yes, Donald Trump Is a Tool

No doubt about it. President Donald Trump is a tool. He was a tool before he got elected and 18 months later I think nearly everyone can agree he’s a tool; one way or the other.

Yes he’s a bullying, womanizing, demeaning, weird, ego maniac. His mouth is a proverbial conduit of wonder and amazement in most days. Just when you think you’re heard it all…right? He says things that blow your mind and make you nearly pull your hair out. Oh Lord, there’s really no telling what kind of morally questionable things he’s done in his personal life all these years being one of the richest guys in the world since we can remember. But he’s kind of like your favorite restaurant….you really don’t want to go back there and see the kitchen do you?


Honestly, as an entrepreneur there isn’t a lot for me to hang on to either. He’s certainly a success story and that can’t be taken away from him. But, like some people I know who either work for their father or were given their fathers’ business, he was handed success in a bottle to a degree. He had access to millions to start his career. He can’t relate to the “small business owners” like me with no capital to lean on; no endless bank account or American Express card paid by dad, no robust salary to lean on no matter what happens, and the sleepless nights wondering how the electric bills gets paid the next day. That wasn’t his lot or his journey down Success Ave. So be it.

In his defense, I do admire his bullish attitude and mindset, and he has an amazing ability to overcome what people think and move on. When facing business failures (and like most of us true entrepreneurs he’s had a few), he has been able to recover and rebuild. He seems to have a strong family that love each other and are smarter than most of us combined. That says more about him that most give him credit for – yes even if that’s a product of his lovely bride!


Of course liberals, and many so-called “conservatives” or “libertarians” have about lost their minds over him. It’s just silly and comical. He laid the trap and they have taken the bait and ran with it. In the process of spewing their hate, they alienate themselves more and more from millions of swing voters. It’s one thing to share your angst or dislike of our President. It’s another to call for violence against him and his supporters, call the First Lady a “b*tch” or “c*nt”, make his daughter sound like the spawn of Satan, not to mention burning American flags. The DNC has become a bastion of far left progressives with no middle ground and an apparent lack of professional discourse. The MMS (main stream media) is their pawn and fans those fires minute by minute each day. Meanwhile, Trumps sits back and laughs at their folly. And that’s the irony. The man who invented folly now giggles at those doing the very thing they hate on him for doing. They hate his hate, so the respond in hate. Crazy right?


There’s a pure revolt over Trump and who he is. He’s made heads spin and the moral police are in full tactical gear. All of a sudden he’s the most strange, vile, vulgar, mean, hateful, arrogant President we have ever had. It’s “shameful” and embarrassing” they scream. The office of the President is supposed to be revered and held by one just a step below Jesus… apparently. But let’s take a quick walk down Presidential History Ave and see that Trump might be the worst of the worse, but we’ve certainly had our share of Presidential blowhards and evil doers (this list does not include administration scandals either).

  • President Clinton – Monica Lewinsky and womanizer
  • President Andrew Johnson – was a drunk
  • President Reagan – sought insight from astrologist and mediums
  • President Harding – his term was full of affairs, corruption and ineptness including his visits to strip shows
  • President Roosevelt – had on going affair during his term – his wife’s secretary at that
  • President Cleveland  – married a girl in the White House he was guardian over
  • President Adams – skinny dipped in the river often
  • President Tyler – fathered 15 kids with two different women
  • President Obama – had an anti-American pastor for 20 years and was friends with a domestic terrorist
  • President Jefferson – had numerous affairs, including one with the half sister of his own wife
  • President Truman – in a letter written to wife said “he went n**gr” chasing in Africa”
  • President LBJ – was known as a total jerk….also called his penis “Jumbo” and proudly displayed it often to staff members and the like
  • President FDR – was behind the anti-homosexual movement called the Newport Sex Scandal
  • President Pierce – was a total party animal and drunk
  • President Kennedy – cheated on his wife and likely the biggest womanizer ever

*Honorable mention – Vice President Burr – killed someone with a gun, while in office!

Now, none of this gives Trump any excuse to be the tool he is and he certainly can be. But at the same time, people need to get off their moral high road. Especially those woman out there I see that have flaunted their own bodies all over social media for years and yet spew their hate for Trump because of what he has said about woman. Give me a break. Let’s remember we have all sinned. Let’s pull the log out of our own eyes first.


Political strategy requires thinking beyond the here and now. Sometimes in life you have to do what you don’t want to do now so that you can have what you really wanted to have later. Donald Trump was and is a long term play from the get-go for us real conservatives. Does anyone really think we were all that excited about a man that singled handedly ruined the good ol’ USFL?? I mean come on. Yet, he is an ends to a mean and right now that mean is getting closer and closer.

Trump was timed perfectly. People were and remain tired of the Establishment strong hold in both parties and we will see that in 2018 and again in 2020, especially with the GOP. He’s the total opposite. And we took advantage of that, much like Obama did by taking advantage of being the first black President. Neither Trump nor Obama should have been elected but both were. Obama was a tool himself; being used to reduce our military, weaken our foreign alliances, increase our debt, establish government healthcare, and appoint liberal pro-abortion judges. Trump is the opposite for us true conservatives and we knew that going in to vote.

For me I have always said, the only matter regarding our politics that Jesus really cares about are the protection of the unborn. Roe vs. Wade needs to be overturned immediately. Jesus doesn’t care about our taxes, our roads, who has health insurance or not, our open or closed borders or foreign affairs (outside of Israel of course). But he does care about us allowing millions of babies a year to be murdered and will hold us all responsible one day. Supreme Court judges can change this in the future and Trump was and is the path to giving the life of the unborn a chance.

Those of us with the ability to see the long term ramifications of a Hillary White House knew we didn’t have a choice and we had to use him as the tool he now is. He will likely nominate two or three Supreme Court judges and many, many federal judges as well. These will direct and dictate our laws for decades to come and could be the very reason babies one day are saved from the knives and suction tubes of abortion clinics around the U.S. This one thing is way more important than his mouth, how he handles Putin, what he says on twitter or behind the podium.

Much like Obama, he will be gone and on a list of names one day. Yes, a list even I will cringe at when I see his name. He’s such a tool.

But he’s a tool we are gonna use like crazy right now and honestly I thank God he’s there.


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